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The world is undoubtedly a place of wonder. Literally and figuratively speaking, the world has its most precious gems and treasures in some strange and unexpected places, making it more wondrous.

People have long recognized the fact that children hold the future in their hands. They are the sunrise in every generation and civilizations to come with their tiny and frail little shoulders that lie the world's fate and fortune. It is why the world, especially those in the government and the adults, must provide these children with the equality and equity for which they are due. However, despite this sound argument, children who are neglected by society have their existence evident on the streets across the world.

"The next president might be born from any place in the world by anyone" is something that is all but a new ring to any person's ear on earth. These words indicate one of the world's greatest predicaments: the neglect of children and their welfare. Walk around the streets at night, and you will see the number of children who have yet to step into school nor have the privilege to live their lives at ease. Now you may have to come with one or a few thoughts. What if the next president lies among these kids? What if the person who will change the world sleeps in the slums of the streets? What is the most formidable lawyer living in such a place witnessing injustice in his everyday life? What if the world missed its chance for its most significant metamorphosis because of such important duty it had neglected?

Children are gems who have yet to go out on the surface, and the world is supposed to be a place to spend their worth, but how are they going to do that if the people around them refuse to do the work and allow them to flourish themselves to their utmost of abilities? David Castells Angelet's magnificently written book, La Sagrada Familia, has shown impeccable value to this matter. The story revolves around five street children who later turned out to be some of the world's most distinguished individuals. The book reflects on why non-government institutions are necessary and why itis highly significant to provide care for every child.

Talents, intelligence, and prodigious skills know no place to reside. And that makes each and everyone in the world equal. Every child matters, and it is a heavyweight upon everyone's shoulder to allow these gems to place their worths in society. With this, may it be a constant reminder for everyone that the world's fate resides in every child, and the way they are being treated today can make or break the world we are all living in?

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