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The Honor of a Mother is Worth Fighting For

The Honor of a Mother is Worth Fighting For

The mother's most prized possession is her child. She must protect and guide her children, and children expect to return the kindness of their dear mother. But occasionally, as the mother's children get older, she doesn't get the love and honor that she deserves.

When their children express gratitude for all the love and sacrifice their parents have made on their behalf, mothers consider themselves fortunate. However, not all mothers are lucky and blessed, and Theodore Shorter Jr's story will open our eyes to the reality of people’s family lives.

Once our mother passed away, for us all her memories are valuable. Maintaining her honor by practicing all her teachings means a lot to her. However, for some families, this is not the case. In his book Lovingly and Orderly: A Son's Lament, Mr. Shorter shows us the negative aspects of a particular family, his family.

How painful it must be for a son to face his own siblings! A true story that depicts the reality of a family corrupted by ruthless greed. It is a story that is an honest reflection of the situation in this country and the injustice that has plagued our Nation. Will Ted win the fight to preserve his mother's honor, or will he leave, suffering from the aftereffects that so many of his ancestors endured during the era of Jim Crow laws and customs in the United States of America?

Author, Theodore Shorter
Author, Theodore Shorter

After reading the story, consider which character best represents you to your family. Will you do the same for your mother? Find out how Ted overcame all the pain and hardship he went through to fight for the honor of his beloved mother.

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