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The Language of Souls: A Book Review of Allan Sankirtan’s The Dreams of our Dreaming

Our lives are indeed the dreams of our dreaming

The Dreams of our Dreaming, a collection of prose, poetry, and short stories written by Allan Sankirtan, has been acclaimed as a highly accomplished work because its words  truly bring a connection to every reader. Many people concluded that this book inspired them intensely and changed them in a way they never expected. Every word used in the poems strikes right into the heart as if it speaks to the hidden transgressions, pleasures, and emotions you kept buried. Undoubtedly, The Dreams of our Dreamingis a friend we all can rely on in times of need and solitude. 

According to Allan Sankirtan“I prepared this book simply because the stories are so beautiful and meaningful, that they need to be shared with others. I want the world to know that there is an alternative way of thinking and acting. The messages are relevant to all people and speak directly to people of all cultures. In many cases, they have been rearranged slightly from the original text, so that when you read them, you feel as if you are sitting back, speaking with an old friend you can trust.” Allan Sankirtan even mentioned an interesting quote in his book: Our lives are indeed the dreams of our dreaming. 

Allan Sankirtan

Contrary to our shared beliefs regarding our dreams, Allan says that they are not as complicated as they seem. We often give interpretations to our dreams, believing it holds a secret message. But through this book, it made us comprehend that the events of our lives are often a reflection of the visions we see in our dreams. Our dreams are not always fictional—sometimes, they just represent the challenges of our life. That is why every topic in this book tackles natural life events. If you are feeling down about your current situation, feeling lost in your career, or having a heartache in your love life, this book will surely help you. Allan says that when read aloud, the words touch the soul in ways the mind does not always comprehend.

Now that we currently face a pandemic, and indeed our minds and hearts are in chaos—you could do no better that to relax a little and grab this book. You can rely on this book at any time you want to. When your family and friends cannot understand your state-of-mind, this book will never fail to keep you company. As mentioned above, The Dreams of our Dreamingcreated by Allan Sankirtan, holds exceptional poems and stories that will endear it to the hearts and minds of every reader. 

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