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The Love for Art in Torino, Italy

Who wouldn’t be in love with a place like Torino, Italy?

As one of Italy’s renowned cities, Torino is more than a place because of its elegance and style beyond everything else. It presents beautiful homes and striking streets. Art aficionados are convinced that this place is a haven of inspiration for the best architecture and visual arts. It has also been a center of European culture for centuries and continues to offer various artistic and cultural attractions with its world-class museums and concerts.

Traveling around the place will allow you to traverse to different kinds of museums and castles. The royalty vibes during the renaissance era will be felt dramatically. One of them is Palazzo Reale. The royal palace has lots of gliding and glitz, where the Savoys lived and reigned. If you want to witness Greco-Roman pieces of painting and sculptures, then you can visit Palazzo Madama. It was once a royal residence, known as a defensive castle, but now remodeled to be the museum of Ancient Art in Torino. Baroque-embellished building and a parliamentary chamber all adds the charm of attraction of this city. 

Besides taking you back in history, Torino City of Italy is not left behind, is a thriving city pleasant for strolling and shopping in the 21st century. The main street is covered with arcades and elegant shops. There is an incredible crystal chandelier and a historic watering hole near the Caffe San Carlo. You can also find more sidewalk cafes on a piazza to enjoy people watching while sipping a coffee and taste the city’s best pastry specialties. 

Torino Italy is also a home for the author and artist,Carla Nicole De Petris. She graduated from the University of Torino with a degree in Business with a focus on art, history & architecture. She said her humble beginnings as an art enthusiast started by strolling in the sidewalks and seeing different arts. When she saw the Rembrandt painting in Palazzo Madama for the first time, she became so involved with the renaissance art and led her to publish her book, Madonna of Divine Love, by Rafaello. As an author, she has always been driven to bring attention to the art-interested public the story of two paintings distinction and generate the public’s opinion about it. 

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