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The Unseen War Between You and the Devil

The devil is always looming over humanity.

“I saw something long lying on the tarred road. When I drew closer, I realized that it was a snake. I thought this snake had been killed earlier, probably by a car. However, to ensure that it was really dead, I stepped back to look for a stick to smash it to pieces, only to come back and see the snake was gone. This confirmed to me how cunning serpents are. It succeeded in deceiving me by pretending to be dead.”

The devil is continuously waiting for the opportunity to strike, and it’s your job to fight it. In Emmanuel Anumaka’s The Christian Spiritual Warfare Series, he explains why Christians should fight the devil. In his book, he said that Satan had raged a war against humanity to prevent us from spreading the word of God.

There’s a war going on that most people chose to ignore – the war against evil. The devil is malevolent, cunning, deceitful, and manipulative. You won’t even know where it would strike. You can be sitting alone in your living room, and negative thoughts would suddenly come to you out of nowhere. When you decide to read the Bible, do you ever noticed how distractions suddenly appear?

“Have you ever wondered why some who are consummate readers of other books such as romantic novels, magazines, science books, and fictions show no interest when it comes to reading and meditating on the Bible, which is the Word of God – a book that has the solution to every problem that man ever faces?”

Emmanuel Anumaka has seen how the devil works to discourage a man from knowing the word of God. He saw the two types of people roaming in this world: the ones who walk after the flesh and the ones who walk after the spirit. “Many people are still ruled by the flesh instead of the spirit of God.” And that’s how the devil wins over the soul of a person.

Emmanuel’s extensive research and meditation about the Bible gave him the strength and courage to fight the devil. The Christian Spiritual Warfare Series is designed to put Christians on guard against the wiles of the devil. It’s a great book to win the unseen war between you and the devil.

You can find out more about Emmanuel Anumaka and his teachings on Facebook and Twitter: @Emmanuel Anumaka. If you’re interested in his book, it’s available online. You can find it on,, and many book-selling websites. Just Google The Christian Spiritual Warfare Series by Emmanuel Anumaka and browse the results page.

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