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The World Can Be Exemplary or Cruel


Almost everyone opines that goodness will prevail, but evil lurks in the shadows, waiting to be extinguished by a hero or a value.

Hurricane Mashes Idaho

Written by Joseph Cacciotti, Hurricane Strips Las Vegas features the existing heinous crime of human trafficking. It is a mystery/thriller that follows in the footsteps of Hurricane Sam Rufus and his new love Janice Jenkins, whom he lovingly refers to as "Tornado," who venture to Las Vegas for a pairing of business and leisure after being instructed by Wayne Newman to investigate a series of disappearances involving his showgirls. The mystery thus starts when Janice vanishes, and he uncovers what befalls the girls who were abducted.

Joseph Cacciotti decided to invent this storyline about human trafficking after spending hours reading previous publications about the subject to raise awareness of the problem. He began writing poems when he was still in high school and was seventeen years old. This is the author's third work of fiction, and it seeks to portray the dangers that exist in the world.

Readers aged fourteen and up will undoubtedly find it difficult to put this book down once they've begun reading it since it is jam-packed with non-stop thrill, action, and adventure.

Will Detective Hurricane find the criminals responsible for these missing person cases? Or will his decision be influenced by newly discovered information showing links in powerful positions across international borders?

Settle the mystery cases as you buckle up and prepare to enter their world!

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