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US and North Vietnamese Soldiers Must Team Up Against Monstrous Foe in the Jungle

Even bitter foes can find a common cause and put aside their differences in the name of the greater good. Arthur Wiederhold's exciting novel does this, blending the action and military genre with a healthy dose of pulp. Jungle warfare will take an entirely new meaning in the pages of "The Killer Things."

The story unfolds in the Central Highlands of Vietnam at the height of the war. When American pilots notice something enormous and heavy moving through the jungles northwest of Fort Nowhere, Lt. John Barrows and his squad are sent to investigate.

At the same time, North Vietnamese Army captain Ho Huong is sent on a dual-purpose mission by his commander. His first objective is to locate bands of rogue Viet Cong that have been terrorizing villagers south of the DMZ and terminate them with extreme prejudice. The secondary objective is to look into reports of something large moving through the jungle.

The two squads of soldiers serving opposing sides of the war carry out their orders and converge upon one another. As they do so, both Barrows and Ho realize that there is something extremely dangerous in the jungle that is cutting a swath of death and destruction. Each of their forces is not enough to handle it, only together do they stand a chance. But can these mortal enemies put aside their differences and work together? And how long could such a truce last?

With "The Killer Things," Wiederhold commits to the subject matter and immerses the readers in the incredible and terrifying situation - to be in the most arduous campaign of protracted jungle warfare, only to confront an even greater and more monstrous adversary. This is a threat beyond even the horrors humans can cause.

This novel is part of Wiederhold's diverse works. These include: "Lian Hua: Lotus Blossom," following a lost woman who falls for a young reporter before they are tangled in a web of lies, deceit, and infidelity; "Cold Planet," which follows extraterrestrials fleeing their homeworld only to end up being marooned on Mars where they will fight for their lives against a mysterious invading army; and "Warped Stories," a collection of short tales that span tales of science-fiction to supernatural stories and pieces set in the Vietnam War.

About the Author

Arthur Wiederhold was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1951 and gained an interest in writing while studying in Bushwick High School. He has authored more than 30 novels and one cookbook and has worked in various professions, being a war correspondent, photographer, cartoonist, soldier, sailor, baseball player, and paranormal investigator. He also created Second Dawn, a fantasy roleplaying game.

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