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Ven Dan's Ozoneraser: Technology and Terrorism Gone Bad

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, more scientific advancements have been developing. These advancements can help change the world. At the same time, it causes the world's destruction. The question arises, what will happen once technology and terrorism are mixed?

Ven Dan's Ozoneraser gives us a graphic view of what will happen when both come together.

Released in 2014, Ozoneraser is set in the year 2034, where technology is more advanced than it is now. It follows the story of George Hamilton, the president of the United States, struggling with a mysterious phenomenon that has caused the disappearance of thousands of Americans by breaking down into thin wavy particles. This has left him no choice but to exercise his full powers as the president in tracking down the origins of the technology. Leading him into a dangerous path of discovering that terrorists that go by the name of Al-jihad have been behind all of this. What follows is a breathtaking dive into the world of science and terrorism and the means to alter the past to save the present.

Venkatarama Dandibhotla (Ven Dan), the author of Ozoneraser, is a graduate of Sociology and Math education. He was a veteran teacher for 40 years, and his reading in philosophy has helped him learn and be involved in the social structures and their modifications through the last 45 years. It is extensively focusing on the social injustices that have constantly targeted minorities. Ven Dan's curiosity and love for science-fiction have led him to write a realistic fictional thriller that questions the decisions made by the CIA and the President of America and how these have consequences for the world in the future. He dives into a world where every nation is united against a common goal of eliminating a technology that has caused great mayhem.

Ozoneraser gives readers a realistic idea of what the world will come to once the technology is being used to terrorize people. It sparks awareness and discussion into the ethical usage of technology and how sometimes advancements should have their limits. It also gives the readers an idea as to how politicians influence their nations with their decisions that could lead to destruction and deaths in the nation. Ven Dan's masterful narrative paints a graphic view of a world torn into pieces as world leaders scramble to find a solution that will save their nations. It is a page-turner of a book that will have you gripping the edge of your seat as the characters plunge themselves into danger by transporting through time and re-doing and un-doing some mistakes in the past.

The book greatly emphasizes the dangers of futuristic technology and challenges the idea that the world is technologically dependent. Readers will be entangled in the lives of each character, specifically, George Hamilton, as he is faced with a dilemma that could mean life or death for his people. Additionally, it will leave readers with a lingering fear of how one's genius can make the world fall to its knees.

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