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Voyaging to the Dreams Against the Waves of Pandemic and Culture​

The dreams, hope, love, and faith you have before the pandemic emerge might be healthy and lively, always encouraging you regardless of a hard-bitten situation. But since the arrival of this virus worldwide has caused the unimaginable depression to everyone; the dreams, hope, love, and faith that we hold onto suddenly collapsed. Most people believe this is the end due to the shutting of businesses, lack of job openings, and many more. As of the moment, we are like wingless birds, aiming to

fly higher than the sky, only to find ourselves

weeping on the ground.

Indeed, the most formidable enemy in this world can never be seen nor touched. The virus did not only heartlessly take the lives away from our dear loved ones, but they also took our opportunity to reach our dreams and seize opportunities. Nevertheless, are you still adamant about getting hold of your dreams despite the waving challenges caused by this pandemic? However, people think we are facing the most significant dispute right now due to this pandemic. But in fact, we have a more substantial challenge which the generations have met over the years, and that is culture. While most of our scholars believe culture is a beautiful tool to solidify a specific community's relationship, it can be unfavorable in certain aspects. Most people cannot reach their own dreams because their parents or older people in their family decide their future. In addition to that, they can’t let their children go and explore the world in fear of separation and perhaps, the parent’s selfishness and keep their child in their hands. Most Asian cultures are practicing this, and the truth is told, it strengthens the family bond, but it destroys the dreams and future of their child.

When the Elephant Cries, written by Aquilinus Odos, is an exceptional novel that will bring you the thrill, entertainment, and information about reaching your dreams to a bottomless extent. It tells a story about a boy, searching for a dream bigger than his village. This novel was written with eloquence and emotions, which will surely fill the hearts of those who are on the same run to accomplish their goals. In addition to that, it holds a golden lesson about exiting from your comfort zones and how it will help you to see who you really are. When the Elephant Cries also tackles how tradition can shape a person. Indeed, the author brings an engaging story in this book, which is best for everyone. In other words, this book is a must-read one, as it reveals you the real hindrance to your dreams.

Indeed, we are not only facing the waves of the pandemic as we voyage to the destination of our dreams. But we are also facing the challenge which our culture, family, and community have brought us in reaching who we are and seizing our dreams.

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