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Want to Know a Man Flying Without Wings?

Storytellers, who have a knack for telling page-turner stories, create compelling plots so vivid and captivating that bookworms would surely crave more. Getting into hold-your-breath action-packed car chasing to being in fear of getting caught by the enemies and having a nerve-wracking thrill of venturing into a one-of-a-kind experience is what readers love to imagine.

Catch all these spellbinding sequences of events if you like these adrenaline-rush stories and curious enough to know what happens to the main character in a mind-blowing book, "Sky Lord," the latest creation by the ever-passionate writer Asya Shmaryan.

Sky Lord unfolds with the tale of an 8-year-old boy, Aaron Dalton, from a privileged family in the UK whose life changed after his beloved parents' tragic death. The guardian's intent to get his fortune separated him from his sister, forced to live in a relatively remote Buddhist monastery in Tibet.

Given a new name, Xian Wei meaning "flying high," he grew up in a prison-like wall; nightmares followed as Aaron kept on having flash memories of his childhood. For 12 years, he suffered the pain of being locked up and devoid of joyful living but learned the skill of pretending to follow his Masters-Buddhists.

Greed plays a big part in this story as this flying man without wings faces trying times when he meets people who wish to use him for their selfish interests.

Follow this awe-inspiring story and feel the action and grasp the lines --"A man fell from a skyscraper window," "He is an angel from the sky" as Aaron takes cities by storm with this unusual gift of flying to more extraordinary lengths and the controversies and conflict that go along with his fame.

How he reunites with his long-lost sister Cristina and his beloved young Chinese woman and the breath-taking flying adventure are enough reasons for you to grab Sky Lord and quench your thirst.

Asya Shmaryan, a screenwriter, novelist, playwright, and proofreader, has also authored equally intense books, "The Usurped," "The Crow's Cry 1 and 2," "Transit Passengers," and "Tale of Jeannette."

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