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When Fiction is Too Good to Set Aside: Angela Lartey's La Vamp

Ever since she was 15 years old, Angela Lartey has already tried exploring different stories and creating fiction that she wanted to share with her readers. Lartey’s creative thoughts have led her to bring to life several stories that were well-loved by her readers.

With the many vampire stories out there, what makes Angela Lartey’s La Vamp different?

Creating a drama-filled thrilling story between vampires and humans, Angela Lartey connects natural human values and how they conflict with the vampires’ supposed culture and the way they see life. Starting with a seemingly simple story of a family of vampires who lives in Los Angeles who has a human daughter. Giving it a teenage feel, the first scenes in the story settles a safe feeling of being in the school and the house. Perhaps giving her readers a chance to settle, the settings and scenarios during the first pages of her book start out easy only to go through a series of changing thrilling scenarios, leading to a series of dramas, which happens between characters.

What is best about this writing by Angela Lartey is that it covers some settings that not all vampire stories explore. The intertwined connection between humans and vampires makes this reading undoubtedly interesting. The way Angela Lartey handled the narrative of every turn of the event makes it easier for her to relate to her readers, even when presenting a fiction story.

Using her imaginative thoughts and drawing them into something readable and relatable, reading through La Vamp will surely bring you to different scopes of exploration. Not only will you be able to understand the length of the imagination of Lartey, but you will also be absorbed in the culture of vampires as she creates different scenarios that will make you imagine you are within the story as if you are a part of lives of the characters she introduces in her story.

What does it take for a young lady who is a human to live with a family of vampires? This fictional story from a very young and imaginative writer makes it more than just relatable. It gives readers a better sense of why vampires’ playful ideas have completely fascinated humans for many years. The many twists and dramas that happened in the story make it harder for readers to drop the book before it is complete. This is merely the first book in a series that Lartey has already planned in her mind. Creating scenarios that will bring her characters to life, Lartey does not stop at one setting, nit at one character, not at one event. She continues to build through the story. She keeps on bringing interesting twists that bring about the birth of new realizations within the story. Even though her story is a fictional background, the drama, the thrills, the conflicts, and all the motions included in it identifies with human culture and nature that makes the story relatable even though it comes from a fictional genre. If you are a reader who wants to explore more than the world of humans, then this story is a great choice for you.

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