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When Humans and Animals are One: Practical Look at Carl Anderson's Book on The Beast in the Theater

Maybe you have already heard of the idea behind humans living in unison with nature.

Through years of observation, it has been validated that humans' connection with nature, including animals, affects them personally. In the middle of all the different changes happening in the world today, going back to the connection that humans share with nature, specifically with animals, seems to be the solution to the issues of isolation that this situation presents.

Humans and animals share a bond that Carl Anderson features in his book The Beast in Marina Carr's Theatre. Including three of the most important works that Marina Carr has completed. These plays include "Portia Coughian"; "By the Bog of Cats," and "Woman and Scarecrow." Working around these plays gives the book a better sense of what beasts are and how they redefine the lives humans live with. The connection that humans share with beasts takes a natural form of communication that goes beyond words. Like in the book of Carl Anderson, it has been proven through these impossible times that animals give a certain form of hope for the people who seem to lose sight of the real meaning of life. The global pandemic has certainly placed individuals in precisely impossible conditions.

With experiences of individuals losing sight of positive things to think of in the middle of the many negative situations around them, depression and anxiety Are up to the roof. People being affected by these conditions rise in number. It is alarming how mental stability can be affected mainly by the situations happening around them and negatively affect their health.

Taking care of pets is one of the most suggested therapies that mental health practitioners believe makes the difference in how a person endures impossible situations like the one the world goes through. The book by Carl Anderson tends to explain such a connection in a narrative that features different characters affected by different situations around them. In the same narrative, he features how animals change the situation and the personal perception of every individual who allows themselves to be aided by an animal to develop a more positive outlook in life.

In several instances, the book points out how animals seem to develop a sense of intuition on how they would assist the characters in the demise that they are going through. Simultaneously, Anderson also uses symbolical metaphors to present a picture of the connection between humans and animals and convince his readers that this connection is more of a bond that is not merely controlled by humans alone. The instinct that animals have in them makes them the best companion that often understands humans even more than they understand themselves.

Anderson's narrative certainly highlights the natural bond that humans ought to respect when they encounter animals regardless of their nature. Humans are urged to think much less of themselves and see beyond the supposed authority they have over animals. Only when they see such balance will they realize the real gift of how animals could affect the way they see life more positively.

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