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Why Man Cannot Live Without Animals

Since the beginning of time, history speaks for itself that animals co-exist with humans and serve as domesticated pets and as companions, which endear themselves more to their friend, owner, teacher, guide, trainer. We could not argue, however, that in most cases, man uses animals for necessary consumption and medical benefits; whatever intentions man has, it is a fact that there is a mutual bond between man and animals.

To cite a few examples, most dog owners regard dogs as beloved pets, whom they call their families' extension; hence they are tagged as "man's best friend." Our feline friends, cats, also play a major role in man's life as "therapy cats" in terms of the human-animal interaction for relaxation and healing, especially for those who have undergone a stroke. And for the most part, which most of us hold on to--cats are used as pest control to ward off rat or mouse infestation.

Another miracle worker, the buzzing bees, which produce healing benefits by-product through pollination, the amazing honey, serves as a superfood antioxidant. One more useful flying creature, you may guess—no other than the birds which help seed germination for plants to grow and the ever-engaging bird chirping and tweeting in the garden relaxing nature sounds that soothe the senses.

In addition to the four-legged animal, the magnificent and highly-spirited horse, just like in the movie, Black Beauty exudes physical power and endurance, unleashing passion you can feel her intention emanating high intelligence among animals.

Why are humans attracted to animals? Is it because they are funny, fascinating, playful? Are they creatures with feelings, capable of transmitting emotions, and intelligence second to the human race?

As they say, animals can relate to us in deep connection, which in togetherness, makes life a worthwhile journey; in turn, animal lovers have the advocacy to protect beloved animals under their care. The love and commitment towards animal welfare, particularly horses, brought horse-trainer and therapist Jill Cawsey to write an awe-inspiring book, Beeble's Story: The True Stories of Praze and Beeble - Twin Arab Geldings - Growing Up, Their Adventures and Escapades.

For animal and nature lovers, Beeble's Story takes you on a roller-coaster ride of adventures set in Australia's massive bushland, rivers, and valleys with a tale-spin story of Praze and Beeble, the Twin Geldings bring excitement, camaraderie, and attachment to Jill, the owner and the author of this fun-filled book, as foretold by Beeble.

Grab a copy of this page-turner, exhilarating adventure with fun, tears, and a promising wholesome experience.

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