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10 STONES LESS AND COUNTING‘I Lost 140 Pounds in A Year’ by Tim Weiss

As human beings in today’s world, we may experience many challenges with ourselves on our physical appearance that can be attributed to many things. Still, many of us would agree that one such thing is how ‘beautiful’ is portrayed throughout social media. We live in the 21st century, where various technology and innovations can influence our day-to-day life, especially with the use of the internet, how we see ourselves, and how we improve ourselves, which can negatively affect our psychological health.

With that in mind, it is not easy to manipulate yourself into thinking that you are not affected by these insecurities, but you have to keep in mind that you are your own person and what matters most is your well-being. So, if you are thinking of improving yourself, you shouldn’t pressure yourself with a perfect routine or a perfect meal plan. Instead, let that be your motivation and let that motivation become a part of you, and in time everything will fall into place become natural for you.

You don’t have to have a grand plan when changing your lifestyle; even a modest amount of weight loss can produce plenty of health benefits. In fact, according to the book ‘I Lost 140 Pounds in A Year’ by Tim Weiss, most of us consume instant or ready to eat food, eat out or get takeaways, and this eating habit will surely be a negative contributor to put a significant amount of weight on a person. Weiss made this book specifically to help those struggling with the effects of unhealthy weight gain, and he emphasized that this is not just some book about dieting. Still, it focuses more on the lifestyle habits and changes that we need to bring to light for our lives to become better.

I Lost 140 Pounds in A Year allows readers to rediscover themselves through losing weight and at the same time being able to look and feel confident as a whole. In this book, the author guides us through the four stages that he went through on his personal weight loss journey, and he also tells us that the most important factor in his book is for people to cook their own food because cooking your own food is extremely healthy.

About the author: Tim Weiss is a single father of two beautiful daughters. He is an enthusiastic sportsman, and he is frequently watching his favorite football team play. And most importantly, he shows great love and appreciation towards animals and children.

He lives his life with great intent that is not afraid to show his emotions. He is a very strong and determined person. Weiss has had to face many difficulties and struggles through his weight loss journey, but his strength and determination have always helped him remember what his goal is, and ultimately, that is how he lost 140 pounds in a year.

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