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5 Tips on Motivating Your Kids To Read

It is a fact that reading books can teach children much information about people, places and things outside their experience. Reading books also plays a crucial role in a child’s brain development. When we read, our brain automatically translates the things that we see into something that we imagine. Children are always ready to learn, and their brains are compared to a sponge that quickly absorbs everything you put into it.

Children who read all the time will most likely get better at it, so it is better to motivate them to read books while young. Here are five simple tips on motivating your kids to read.

Find fictional books that are based on reality.

Often these types of books are called reality fiction books. These types of books have fictional characters, but the stories are about real-life events or issues. A Good example of this book is the 8th book of Peter Locke’s Mikkee, The Martian: Pirates and Aliens. The stories of the entire collection of the book revolve around the friendship of aliens and a twin. The eight-book talks explicitly about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and how it remains a mystery in the real world. Fiction reality books can help children understand what is going on around them in a fictional setting.

Find books that are easy to understand

Practice makes perfect, but you should start with the basics to be a good and motivated reader. Fins books that are easy to read and understand. To help them improve their imagination, find ones with colorful pictures or pop-up illustrations. The 8th book of Peter Locke’s Mikkee, The Martian: Pirates and Aliens, is straightforward and simple to understand.

Do not force your children to read beyond their capability; you can try but not force. As parents, you should know your child’s reading comprehension; and you should creatively help them level it up without forcing them.

Schedule a time to read

Include reading in your daily routine; if you can sit and read books together, the better. Reading together can help reading become a fun and exciting activity. You can alternately read the lines aloud or re-enact the stories you read.

Set up a reading nook.

It is more encouraging for children to read if they have a comfortable, well–lit, and quiet place to read books. Most of the time, children love colorful and decorative areas that will catch their attention. Setting up a reading nook is also beneficial if you include reading in your routine. Routines in early childhood are beneficial in building a safe and secure feeling. The predictable nature helps the children anticipate their next activity or what to expect throughout the day. So if you have a reading area, this means that being the area means it is time to read.

Read the books from birth.

Reading the same book to your babies over and over again helps improve comprehension. Babies might not understand every word you say, but when you read them, the same stories over and over again will help them understand the story. As they grow, surround them with books and put them in an area where they can quickly get them.

Children who read a lot are proven to be achievers not just in English but in all subjects. With that, we can say that readers are also those who become successful later in life because they have developed life skills from the benefits of early-stage reading.

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