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A Better Life as Seen by Bruce Plant through Poems

Life is a journey. How you take each path is up to you, how you make great of every turn of events will certainly define your life.

While there are many bad experiences in life, the way you make something out of the situation will make it easier for you to face another day with a smile.

Bruce Plant’s book on Songs of Sunshine and Rain captures the different journeys in life through poetry.

In his book, he leads his readers to some of the most important parts of his life and lets them feel everything he has gone through as he uses poetry to allow his readers to connect with each event.

Reading through his poetry brings memories back- both the good and the bad. But in all the lines that he writes, he makes sure that sunshine would be reflected in each word- trying to bring out the good even in the bad things that are happening.

These poems teach readers a chance to see life in a much lighter view.

Nevertheless, it does not deny the fact that life may have its hardpoints, and somehow, these situations can bring you down to the point of wanting to give up. Nevertheless, there is always a better choice to perceive the situation in a much better light. It is all about perception—the way you see matters will primarily affect how you handle even the most challenging turns of life.

Life changes happen every time. Change is the only constant factor in life- and facing it is what will define you and the life that you live.

There will be times when you would feel like everything is not going your way. A time when you think that there is no other choice left but to give up. There will be a point when you would not even like yourself. However, like Plant notes in his poem:

To be yourself is to love

To be yourself is to give

It’s only in being yourself by love

That you begin to live

These lines remind the worth that you should have for yourself. In the end, the way you value yourself will be the only reason you have to move forward. Even when things change consistently, if you have a firm grounding on who you are and accept yourself, you will still come out winning every change that life presents to you.

During these times of uncertainly, the book of Bruce Plant certainly offers a breath of fresh air, reminding you of a chance to see things more differently as they happen. Hoping and knowing that there would soon be better days ahead, Plant’s book offers a fresh perspective about life.

The best concept about the Plant’s book is that it does not cover up the truth. Instead, it merely gives you a better chance of seeing things, especially when things are not going as expected. Just right for everything happening today, reading through the poems of Plant certainly gives a better vision about things happening now and a hope on how tomorrow might seem better than today.

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