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A Book of Lessons

The key to writing a great novel is to capture your reader's imagination and enclose them into a world that they can vision in color and sound.

That is what Jessie Thompson has done in her latest novel ESCAPING THE BROKEN PIECES. She allows her audience to travel on the journey of a seven year old little boy as he envisions a change not only for himself, but for his entire family.

This story emerged from a single conversation that the author encountered with a stranger. Although the details that set the stage is true the story twists to bring forth lessons that we all could follow. You see, Jessie Thompson had an unpleasant introduction to a young man, approximately fifteen years of age, who had convinced himself that he hated all females. Jessie thought she could do something to change his mind, but each encounter became more dangerous than the last until an older gentleman approached her to tell her to leave him alone. Without putting a second thought in place Jessie did as she was instructed. Jessie realized that people carry many types of spirits; some may be angry, sad or even demonic. This youth had a sort of demonic spirit that he chose to cradle. His heart was hardened and his mind was made up.

The gentleman that suggested she leave him alone came to her later to explain the basics of this young man's anger. It all began on a cold day just as the weather was changing from fall to winter. This youth being not much older than a toddler was led from New York to North Carolina by his mother and left on the doorstep of his aunt. His aunt, being angry at the situation refused to open the door and let this child in. This child wandered the streets in the darkness on unfamiliar ground with no food, shelter, clothes or water. A baby with less than a slim chance of survival was found and raised by a local drug dealer. This young man never forgave his mother or his aunt for his misfortunes.

In Jessie Thompson's previous novel WAITING FOR A MIRACLE she introduced an angel to oversee a young woman that was in spiritual distress. Jessie used the story of the youth to build the creation of an angel named Norman.

God works in mysterious ways. In ESCAPING THE BROKEN PIECES Jessie used the selfishness of a mother, the agony of an aunt and the desperation of a child to tell a tale that is so outrageous.

A single promise to God made by a seven year old changed the constellation of an entire generation, but because of the sequence of events no one would have ever thought God had his hands on the plan. When God finally revealed himself to Norman (at seven years old) Norman's world changed forever.

Everybody has an angel that watches over them and this was no different with Norman who traveled with Fred (his angel) until he reached his promised land that God had set forth for him.

Jessie Thompson, a quiet girl born in Greenville, South Carolina but declares the streets of Bronx, New York as her home has managed to capture the world's awareness that God is still alive with her titles of Christian fiction. She is a great representation of someone who comes from nowhere and explodes with creativity and imagery that pulls on your heart strings for tears of joy and laughter as she leads you into another dimension of life.

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