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A Centuries-Old Murder Mystery and Supernatural Romance Unfolds in a Haunted Manor

A man falsely accused of committing murder is cursed and lingers on in the afterlife, bound to a haunted manor. To be exonerated and finally have peace in the other world, the mystery of the crime must be solved. For more than three centuries, this wronged spirit has been waiting for the curse to be lifted. Now a curious and intrepid university student may hold the key to freeing him... and unraveling the haunted house's other secrets. Thus unfolds Linda Key's supernatural thriller, the chilling tale of "The Spirit of Cassious House."

Kelton Heights hides a bone-chilling secret. Three hundred years ago, a spirited prince named Timothy Andrew Carlton was cursed for a murder, and when this hex went awry, he and other good spirits were bound to the tower of a once magnificent manor, the titular Cassious House. Of course, modern university student Alyssia Franklin-Jenkins is oblivious to all this as she takes up lodgings near that historic house and starts classes. But the nosy youth cannot help but investigate the strange structure and inevitably encounters the spirit lurking within its confines, Prince Timothy.

Against all odds, the two form a unique bond and fall for one another, but the manor has other dangerous secrets lurking in the darkness, and Prince Timothy cannot protect her from all of these supernatural threats. They discover that these secrets must be uncovered before the first full moon of spring, for the boundaries between realities are beginning to crack, with potentially catastrophic consequences. All while Alyssia struggles to ace her conference presentation and investigates an occult conspiracy in the university that may be connected to events occurring at Cassious House.

The pair have their hands full, and as the two worlds are on the verge of colliding, they must work together to uncover the mysteries of the past, exonerate a wrongfully accused soul, and save the present and the future from an unprecedented mystical threat.

With her story, Key juxtaposes the modern world with the past, drawing from her experiences and hobbies as well as history, all while boldly infusing her narrative with thrilling supernatural elements. She also portrays issues faced by students, such as bullying and the pressures of academics. In her own words: "It has almost everything; mystery, intrigue, humour, action, secrets, love, reconciliation, and determination all coming from the two main characters and the support of other characters. It also shows how one person can make a difference when given the chance through perseverance and patience."

About the Author

Linda Key was born in Miami, Florida, in 1966 but moved to the United Kingdom in 1998 and has lived there ever since. She was inspired to write this book when she experienced remarkable dreams after visiting the castle and cathedral of St. Andrews. She lives in Forfar, Scotland, with her cat named Jess "Squeakers" Darling. Key loves classical music, movie soundtracks, reading books, crafts, writing, and brightening people's days.

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