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So often when things go wrong in a person’s life, they try to find the solution. When they cannot come up with a logical excuse for the obvious, they turn to phantoms or invisible manifestations. When an entire family begin to go astray people tend to believe that there is a “family curse” upon the generations. Many believe that God has placed an affliction upon the generation because of their disobedience to him.

In Jessie Thompson’s newest novel ESCAPING THE BROKEN PIECES she tells the tale of the son of a prostitute and the grandson of a drug addict named Timothy Campbell. Timothy was too young to understand the meaning of “a family curse”, yet he was old enough to understand that something had to be done to unleash the powers that was stirring amongst his family members. God speaks to us in many ways. He spoke to Timothy through a magazine photo which inspired Timothy to have a change of heart about what his future holds. Timothy’s family member told him “What you see is what you will be”. Despite the negativity that was going on around this child, Timothy chose to clinch to what he saw on the pages of the magazine.

Jessie Thompson proves that the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is a lesson we all can follow. In this novel the very person that Timothy was taught to hate is the one that saved his life. Timothy learned that sometimes you have to turn away from the past in order to uplift the future; but it takes determination and that is not easy.

God’s plan for our life is beyond anything that we can physically imagine. Once God has prompted our hearts, we just have to accept the mission and follow our heart one step at a time. God knows and does only what is best for us, but this is something we have to believe.

Jessie Thompson is a quiet girl that came from the streets of Greenville, South Carolina to the hustle and bustle of Bronx, New York. She began her writing career from the left-hand corner of the kitchen table which was her favorite place to sit. At the time she had no idea where this skill would lead her, but God did. Her first novel BEHIND THE DOORS OF REALITY was published in 2005. Years later she released her second novel WAITING FOR A MIRACLE and recently she brought forth her third ESCAPING THE BROKEN PIECES. All her novels are Christian based and she hopes she can inspire someone with her writing.

Jessie wants to express her gratitude for her readers and thank them for their inspiration to encourage her to continue writing.

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