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A Collection of Plays Which Captures Society and the Struggles of Today’s Youths

As an educator, youth counselor, and mentor, Samuel Williams has helped countless teens and pre_teens overcome a plethora of difficult challenges and to assist them in positively navigating their livesback into a place of peace and success To raise awareness of the issues commonly faced by youths everywhere and to show that there are real-life solutions to their problems, Williams penned his book, See My Purpose: 20 Plays, an inspiring collection of plays which tackles a variety of pressing issues confronting today's youths and families alike.

The stories in See My Purpose: 20 Plays depict actual events Williams encountered during his years as a counselor and therapist to pre-adolescents and teens. These are human stories capturing universal moments to which any family can relate regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic class. Williams' family-oriented stories can also be performed for any size and any audience. The plays tastefully tackle such topics as peer pressure, family difficulties, rejection, child/parent relationship, the spiritual realms, various social issues, religious concepts, and a variety more.. At the same time, they are free of profanity, sex, and unnecessary violence. They depict realistic challenges and hardships while posing plausible solutions that the audiences can easily take in and apply in their own lives if needed.

"If used on a large scale, these plays could easily initiate a positive trend in the thinking, behavior, and problem-solving abilities of families, churches, and other organizations, and individuals Williams states. He believes that entertainment and education can be pleasingly synthesized with the intended outcome being to aid in the production of a more informed audiences and well-adjusted society. Williams’ goal in writing these plays is to deliver their poignant messages deep into the hearts and minds of their readers/viewers, and to allow his patrons to recognize and-acquired new methods of effectively addressing the common ills identified by each work. Certainly, his riveting plays deliver messages that transcend the boundaries of race, creed, color, religion, politics, or economics, and engage with people on a universal human level.

"My purpose to the world is to heal as much of it as I can via my novels, books of poetry, books of inspiration, and books of plays. The messages and characters in these plays have been kept ultra_simplistic, yet ubiquitously accurate. These plays will rejuvenate the abused, neglected, rejected, disenfranchised, hopeless, hurting, or helpless…but they will not leave them in the same condition as they previously were. These plays are the much needed balm for what ails our families, youths, and society," Williams asserts.

About the Author

Samuel Williams is an educator, writer, and youth counselor who has spent numerous years speaking to and teaching youths worldwide. He combines entertainment with informativeness to help audiences grasp difficult truths in a way that they can clearly understand. He was born and raised in a small southern town called Wadley (Georgia). He is also a school-trained journalist and photojournalist and has taught English and composition at the middle, high school, and college levels. He holds a master's and an educational specialist degree. Williams also served in the military for several years. He is now in his 44th year of marriage to his wife; they have two beautiful children and three adorable granddaughters.

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