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A Coming of Age and Reminiscence of Mid-20th Century America

Former Pennsylvania state legislator George E. Saurman has lived a rich life and reflects upon it fondly, in particular his coming of age in the 1930s and 1940s, after the end of the Great Depression and before the Second World War. With his memoir, "Revisiting the Memories of Yesterday," he reflects on those years and the invaluable life lessons he gained, sharing these precious moments and memories with readers everywhere.

Saurman reflects upon a life filled with adventure that started with his birth in Houston in 1926 when the Great Depression raged. During this time, his family was on the move, transferring from Houston to Baltimore before finally settling in Pennsylvania. Despite gaining a permanent home, they experienced hard times when Saurman's father lost his job, and his mother had to support the family by working as a hairdresser.

Yet for all the hardships, Saurman has fond memories of those times, such as being mentored by his grandfather, learning the importance of living life in accordance with the Ten Commandments and the Book of Proverbs, as well as an eventful boyhood during the 1930s and 1940s. Then came World War Two, when Saurman served in the infantry in the European Front, where he not only fought for his country but also learned the value of discipline, of becoming responsible, as well as the need to trust God even when things seem their bleakest.

The mid-20th century is a time when he saw many changes in society, such as the rise of Rosie the Riveter or when women took on traditionally male roles in industrial work, the difficulties that came with rationing supplies and power, and the emergence of new things and technologies that replaced old ways.

Saurman also lovingly recounts meeting his wife, Mary Ewen, at Ursinus College (where he received his Bachelor's Degree and Cum Laude). They would enjoy 62 years of marriage (raising a wonderful family. Mary would also be an ardent supporter during his career as a businessman and his time in politics, beginning with a position as a borough councilman, to becoming the mayor of Ambler) than during his 14 years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Saurman has lived a complete life, and with "Revisiting the Memories of Yesterday," he shares his experiences and at the same time encourages his readers to reflect upon their own lives, to look into the past and the adventures they have had - to savor and reflect upon each moment and to remember to live their lives to the fullest.

About the Author

George E. Saurman has written several books, including "We've Done Them Wrong!: A History of the Native American Indians and How the United States Treated Them." He served in the 65th Infantry Division in Europe during World War 2, graduated from Ursinus College, held several executive positions in business, and served a total of 33 years in local and state government. He currently lives in a Pennsylvania retirement community.

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