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A Creative Depiction of a Phantom Menace in the World of Stock Market

The Millennials educate themselves in financial literacy. It is advantageous for them because time is their ally. Stock investments deliver bigger returns over cash and bonds in the long run. It is not ideal for letting your money sleep in your bank saving account because it becomes stagnant. Meanwhile, stock market investments can compound over the years. It means that you earn interest in your investments over other investments. In this case, the stream of income never stops. However, remember not to put all your eggs in one basket. There is still no guarantee of a straight success in investing.

As a focused topic in the finance business, stock marketing would rarely come across as a fictional story. Luckily, nothing is impossible in the world of fiction. Investing Millennials will surely appreciate the tricks and thrills revolving around the story in the book Chasing the Phantom Menace, written by Anthony Parran.

Phantom Menace means an unknown evil hiding behind their darkest plan. In reading action-themed fiction, the villains usually appear as the usual bad guys with rough faces, angsty and rude demeanors. So, the suspense of secrecy behind the mask of "Phantom Menace" adds to the excitement of reading the book. When you like detective and police stories, you might want to give a shot to read this book.

SYNOPSIS: The stock markets of the US and China are tumbling out of control. No expert can even figure out why. Could this be a sign of another collapse? Hidden in secrecy, a Chinese diplomat has found a means to manipulate the stock markets at will. With his brother, they are cashing in huge sums of money; buying stocks at rock bottom prices, and then reaping the rewards by raising the stocks' value back to their original levels. They are set out to dominate the financial world as the Phantom Menace while staying hidden using a military device created by this family. Would Jerome Travis known as JT, his team of family and friends, and the FBI be able to track down and catch who's behind the show of this Phantom Menace?

Chasing the Phantom Menace is the latest sequel of Anthony Parran's action thriller fiction series. The previous books are: Chasing Roxanne, Chasing Barrett's Fifty, Chasing Amanda's Trail, Chasing a Falling Star, Chasing Smokey, the Bandit and the Chinaman. It is a series regarding a family placed in harm's way because a rogue general assumes they know more about his operations than they do. Dealing with different twists and thrills on each sequel, Parran definitely made an emotion-stirring series dealing with conflicts, deducing crimes, and suspense, making the reader stay constantly attentive to the thrilling ride of the story. Check out the book series on Amazon!

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