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A Demon Hunter Pursues a Possessed Serial Killer in Will Pierce's Supernatural Crime Thriller

A mysterious and gruesome string of killings has left Hollywood paralyzed by fear, but most people do not know that the inhumanity of the crimes takes a literal meaning, for the murderer has been possessed by a demon, granting him unnatural abilities that make him unstoppable to mundane authorities. Thus they must call on a higher power. In Will Pierce's "The Sixth Commandment," readers will follow Catholic exorcists as they pursue this demon-possessed maniac and strive to stop the bloodbath.

"Thou shalt not kill," says God's Sixth Commandment, but Nelson Spears profanes this rule in the worst way. Once an ordinary and upstanding citizen, his psyche has descended as he transforms into Hollywood's most notorious serial killer and becomes possessed by Barouch, a demon from the past. Two exorcists pursue him, Father Namon Crawley and his protege, the young demon hunter Michael Grace. They belong to an order that raises young men for this specific mission. But this is no simple exorcism, as Nelson leaves a trail of blood and carnage that will shock readers. The exorcists must be prepared to encounter dangers of both the spiritual and mortal natures - a true test of their abilities and their faith. They do not come unequipped, however, for they bear relics and blessed instruments used by priests to subdue possessed men. But how many will perish before the exorcists reach Nelson? And can the demon hunters put an end to this most dangerous adversary? The exorcists and the demon-possessed killer alike will find out when they have their final confrontation at Lake Tahoe, a scenic location that will be the stage of unimaginable terror.

"The Sixth Commandment" is aimed for young adult and mature audiences, and in addition to its bone-chilling subject, it also contains underlying messages of faith to inspire readers. Pierce also conveys the inner struggles people encounter in their lives, particularly when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds or temptations and urges that threaten to lead one astray. In Pierce's words: "I got inspired by my struggles, and I guess, in searching for an answer, I began writing this story maybe to fight my own demons. But I believe in the truth and the way of the Lord."

First published in Xlibris, "The Sixth Commandment" is an action-packed adventure-horror story that will surely thrill audiences. Pierce's chilling novel is also a thought provoking narrative that takes elements of classic murder mystery stories, the horror genre, and a dose of action. The demon from the past also ties present events with historical ones, namely ancient wars between Rome and the Goths. Pierce's novel is available in paperback and on the Amazon Kindle:

About the Author

Will Pierce grew up in Claremont, California, and played varsity football. Later he joined the Marines and was honorably discharged. He is a fan of horror novels such as the Hellraiser stories.

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