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A Dive into the World of Science Fiction with Michael D' Ambrosio

Science fiction is a beloved genre by kids and adults alike. It explores the world of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and the future in its entirety. Movies and books franchises and trilogies like Star Wars, Dune, and Back to the Future are some famous products of science fiction. One author dares to take readers on a journey with science fiction through his artistic works that delve into space and time.

Michael D'Ambrosio is a retired worker of the nuclear industry and the military, and his love for science fiction has led him to imagine what the future could be. Working with combat aircraft and nuclear power, he was able to travel the world and has seen the best that nature has to offer. He has always shown a keen interest in space exploration, and seeing the commitment of Space X, NASA, Blue Orbital, and others, he saw a future in space travel, motivating him to take on the topic of discussing space life. With real-life experiences as a nuclear plant worker and seeing the similarities that it has to a spaceship, he was inspired to start writing in the '90s as a result of these adventures.

He has published multiple series that will take readers on a different journey and perspective of the world. Fractured Time (2001) is D'Ambrosio's debut into the literary world, and it follows the story of Billy Brock, who, after surviving a series of attacks from dangerous creatures, finally encounters his nemesis, the evil wizard Ruger. With the help of his friends, Billy must find a way to put Ruger on the defensive while dealing with the distractions of heartbreak. The trilogy is followed by another series which is Space Frontiers (2011), set in the same world as Billy Brock's but tells the story of his son, Will Saris, an ambitious and young officer in the Space Fleet, embarking on his first mission alone. When he disobeys the directives, he sets off a chain of events that changes his life and the universe as well. It is an action-packed book with heart-throbbing romance and chilling suspense as readers will see Will Saris' transition from a rookie officer to a master manipulator of the alien races.

Apart from the series and the trilogy, he also creatively wrote another science-fiction horror story entitled Night Creeps and his futuristic action Pain series called beginning with Princess Pain which is recommended for readers 14 and up due to its violent nature. With science fiction as the main theme, D'Ambrosio is able to offer several different worlds through different eras with his books, producing complex characters, thrilling adventures, and a futuristic look at what space travel and space life could look like in the near future. Furthermore, his unique take on science fiction sets him apart from those that are sold in the commercial market as he brings an unimaginable journey through each and every page of his written work.

Truly, Michael D'Ambrosio intends to bring his readers on a journey through space and time with his words.

To find out more about Michael and his future projects, readers can check him out at:

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