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A Dream Turned To A Book

"Time is a mystery and goes by quickly, but we can own up to our mistakes and learn from them!" -Linda Key.

Our present moment is the only thing we have control over. That means we hold the ability to navigate our current actions towards the things we deemed worthy, like leaving a legacy with traces of our past experiences. Authors alike do it through crafting stories.

Linda Key, 55 years old, is an author trying to leave a legacy behind by making people happy. She is quite a joker and a lover of classical music, movie soundtracks, books, crafts, reading, and writing.

She takes her book, 'The Spirit of Cassious House' as her pride and joy. It is a craft that began as a dream she had one night.

She keenly wrote it down as she began drafting the dream around the plot and how it affected her. 'Linda, in her school days, had experienced not fitting in and being poked fun and labeled as "not good enough." She ended up having the faculty, who are more trustworthy as friends.' With this dream, she vividly portrayed a teacher and a student getting along, like her school life throughout childhood.

The writing process wasn't easy because she got stuck on ideas for a long time and was ready to chuck the story. It was during a tribute show of Garth Brooks at St. Andrews castle in 2016 that marked when her thoughts appeared on paper and plots were weaved together.

The book goes into two parts. Part one introduces characters and mysteries and reveals a dark cloud of deception and conspiracy hanging over the campus and the staff. Part two concludes the story as it moves on to its happy ending as the mysteries unfold. It has almost everything: mystery, intrigue, humour, action, secrets, love, reconciliation, and determination of the two main characters and other characters. It shares how one person can make a difference through perseverance and patience.

The characters reflect actors seen in television and film: Richard E. Grant for the villain George Thackeray, Tom Bateman for the perfect prince, Michael McIntyre for a spirited jester, Matt Smith for the class clown at the University, and Mrs. Hudson in the "Sherlock," for the caretakers. Alyssia is quite a reflection of the author's traits and hobbies. She's also a study hall teacher, a caring and loving support to her colleagues, a detective like Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. The differences lie in the fact that Alyssia, unlike our author, is loved by everyone in the University and the town, has her prince and a large family.

The story presents various concepts like 'bullying is never a good idea,' 'coveting something isn't yours lead to disaster,' 'truth (though may hurt) is better than living a lie, and how we have to learn to search among the lies to reap truth, honour, and valour.

One of the quotes that inspire Linda Key is Anatole France's "To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe." A great testimonial of how great a dream is to someone's realization of something. Like our author, she was able to create a world different from hers because of a dream. Not an escape to reality but a belief in the power of words we'll all leave behind in the world someday.

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