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A Family Saga Unfolds in the Australian Gold Rush

Investigating one's family history can lead to many interesting findings. In the case of Maggie Taylor-Saville, plenty of inspiration for a riveting historical fiction novel based on her ancestor's exploits. With "The Eucalypt Tree."

Saville's story draws from history and her own lineage to depict a fictionalized family saga following the lives of two German brothers and three English sisters who, through a twist of fate and the unique circumstances of the 1800s, find themselves in Australia's Victorian goldfields, during a gold rush when prospectors sought their fortunes in that pristine land. She depicts this exciting and dangerous time period in Australian history. She shows the interplay of love and family dynamics, how generations change yet remain the same even as the years go by, and even if people choose to migrate across the world to a new land.

The German brothers Wilhelm and Heinrich Freck are abused by their harsh father, who forces them to toil on their farm, a plot of land handed down through the family for generations, a source of income and livelihood, but also pain and unhappiness for the siblings as their father worked them beyond their limit. So out of love, their mother helps them escape, and the two seek a new future, first in England and then in Australia.

Their paths cross with the sisters Jessica, Annabelle, and Emma, who, after the passing of their parents, learn that their family fortune has been gambled away by their father. The young ladies so used to privilege have trouble adjusting to their new place in society. Worse yet, when their aunt realizes she is not inheriting their estate, she becomes cruel towards the sisters. Faced with a future of being destitute or mistreated, they find a lifeline when a distant relative offers them a new home in Australia.

With Saville's story, readers will see how these lost souls are drawn to Australia, a land that is harsh yet beautiful, that demands as much as it promises. Saville shows the long and treacherous voyage across the sea they take in the hopes of a better tomorrow and the new lives awaiting them in the goldfields of Victoria, where they discover adventure, experience tragedy, and perhaps find true love. This is embodied by the title, Eucalypts are tall hardy trees that grow wild and profusely throughout the vast Australian bush.

"My inspiration for writing 'The Eucalypt Tree' came after searching through my own family history. I was inspired by the 1800's era. The dress, the speech and mannerisms. After months of research a fictional story based on fact evolved." Saville says.

About the Author

An avid and eclectic writer for many years, Maggie Taylor-Saville originally hailed from Melbourne and worked as a travel writer before moving to Brisbane, where she now resides with her husband. She loves telling stories, mostly for family, a passion that then led her to write and publish novels. She has written and published five books: "Mystical Magic," "The Eucalypt Tree," "Circle of the Moon," "Spirit of Love," and her first children's book, "The Magic Friendship Fairy."

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