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A Fictional Exploration behind the Intrigue of Bermuda Triangle

Were you ever curious about the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle? According to National Geographic, numerous voyagers such as planes and ships vanished without a trace within the imaginary area bound in Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Many theories have been propounded to explain the case of these missing travelers. However, none has proven the truth behind it all.

Students learn the existence of the Bermuda Triangle in science and history lessons in school. It ignites their curiosity to research and learns more about this mystery. The same happened to our adventure junkie twins, Billy and Jilly, in Mikkee the Martian's story sequel: Pirates and the Aliens Book 8, by Peter Locke.

Mikkee, our Martian friend, is back in Book 8 explaining the visitation of aliens spaceships on Earth millions of years ago and its relevance to cause interruptions in the sea and air surrounding the area. In Mikkee's knowledge about the past incidents, these ships and planes caught in a disturbance are trapped in a time bubble; hence, there is no trace of evidence on the moment they are missing. Billy and Jilly were amazed to learn that information from Mikkee. They all agreed to take on an adventure behind the mystery of this time bubble somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

The trio again is caught in exploration in a ship where pirates raided them as they are taken as captives too. Will they escape the menace of the pirates? Or, Will they have discovered hidden treasures from the sea that were never discovered by humanity? The trio will face once again a mix of thrill, bliss, and excitement all packed in a new adventure along with the pirates' voyage trapped in a time bubble and even meet Neptune, God of the Sea.

Peter Locke indeed never runs out of ideas and creativity for this story sequel. It is a perfect story for children who are constantly curious about the world and beyond the world matter. They will be surely drawn to read what would be next for our favorite team. Follow their adventures by the other books of the Mikkee the Martian story sequel on this website:

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