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A Fishy Christmas: Celebrating the Holidays with our Fishy Friends

As December rolls in for the year, people have been gradually feeling the shift that is the coming Christmas season. Slowly, public areas such as malls and parks are decorating their vicinities with various trinkets of merriment such as sparkling lights and inflatable Santa Claus and his reindeers. Sales are starting to dominate the shops to cater to customers who are looking for that perfect Christmas gift. And if you are one of those said customers, look no further and see this amazing book that captures the holiday spirit just right.

“A Fishy Christmas” is a children’s storybook passionately written by Australian author, Marianthe Anthony. She built this imaginary world all about the nautical adventures of marine life and how do they function in a time like Christmas. A brief summary of the book tells us that when fisherfolk have decided to open up their beloved and trusty water channels to human tourists, things suddenly took a turn for the worse. Now they are stuck in a situation gone disarray. The main question becomes apparent: what will they do before King Neptune, ruler of all the seas, see their mischievous mistake? How will our fish friends get out of their sticky situation yet still get to celebrate a peaceful Christmas?

Just like in real life, where none of us expected a certain burden that will weigh us down, keeping us from fully appreciating the holidays, “A Fishy Christmas” narrates all those problems but in a way children could fully understand. According to Anthony, she wants children to read the book and learn the importance of being kind and responsible about their actions. She also wants to emphasize the value of family and doing no harm to others. This book is the perfect gift to give, especially for children who enjoy learning about fishes, seals, and penguins. It teaches them good morals that most kids do not tend to fully comprehend due to the doings of digital media, where almost all the young minds get to explore unregulated information for free on the internet. By giving them a copy of this book not only does help with their learning abilities, but it also lessens screentime. And by the wonderfully done illustrations made by ShannenParadero, children get to understand the very compelling plotline of the book vividly.

Because of her love of sea creatures, Marianthe Anthony now lives on a boat. Occasionally sailing the seas, she keeps in tune with the waves to fuel her inspiration—the is how “A Fishy Christmas” was made. In an interview, she said that her love of spending time with her grandchildren and learning about sea life inspired her to finally craft a book that mixes her two most beloved activities. Although, her inspiration crept in early when she was still merely studying them in school. She loaned a book about fishes and other underwater creatures, and that is when she was compelled to write her own story.

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