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A Fresh Take on Soulmates

They say that once in your lifetime you'll find love so big that it won't fit even if held in your hands; some say it's big enough to fill your whole world. Then some pour it up in the stories that they write to try and convey its magnitude. If this is the kind of love that you have been searching for, then the book Love of Souls is an absolute must-read for you.

This series also gives you the opportunity to live through the experience of discovering the one real person in your life—someone who may not be exactly what you were hoping for, but whose heart and soul are aware of the truth.

Love of Souls - Sandy Donaldson
Love of Souls - Sandy Donaldson

The author of Love of Souls, Sandy Donaldson, is a fiction writer who enjoys reading just as much as she enjoys writing. She is a firm believer that being able to write can take you anywhere in the world and open the door to many new and exciting adventures.

Sandy now calls Tennessee home, and each morning she wakes up to a breathtaking view of the mountains. She values time with her loved ones above all else. In this series, you will meet her three children and her soon-to-be eight grandchildren.

Author, Sandy Donaldson
Author, Sandy Donaldson

Sandy writes from a point of view that no one anticipates at all. Everyone believes that this series is written from the perspective of the brotherhood. It is actually written from the perspective of the lady who finds her soulmate about the relationship that develops. Because she approaches topics from perspectives that most readers don't consider, her novels have a quality all their own that sets them apart from others.

You can reach Sandy and follow her work on her Facebook page.

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