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A Handbook for Drivers and a Crusade for Greater Good

Brian Roberts has worked in the transport industry for many years, and he has witnessed many deaths amongst his colleagues. Stress, impairment, and death have become so prevalent among drivers that Brian decided to do something.

"Having worked in the transport industry for many years, I was alarmed with the number of illnesses and deaths amongst my colleagues. This led me to investigate the issue further. As I had never before worked in any industry where fatalities were so high." — Brian Roberts.

As a veteran professional driver, he became aware of the risks of driving. Aside from accidents, other factors affecting drivers that ordinary people, and even professional drivers themselves, might not have considered before.

All those years of driving taught him that the job exposes drivers to all sorts of dangers, challenges, problems, and diseases. So, as a response to the ever-increasing number of illnesses and fatalities, Brian decided to write Health & Well-Being for The Professional Driver. It is a manual that addresses ailments that are common among professional drivers.

The handbook contains recommended exercises and precautions that can help heal or prevent driving-related injuries or accidents. It is also packed with reports, analyses, and facts to give readers some background about the extent of challenges that professional drivers face every day.

The book also tackles the role of malpractice, eating habits at work, social health, and addiction to the problems faced by professional drivers. Companies can also benefit from this book as it offers their employees provisions to improve their well-being, thereby creating a healthier working environment and increasing employee retention.

Books are not created equal —some are written to tickle our sense of fantasy, others are made to keep you up late at night, but some books are made for noble causes.

Brian Roberts' Health & Well-Being for The Professional Driver may not be your common reads, but it has the potential to save many lives.

If you are a Kindle e-reader, this book is available for purchase at Amazon. Brian is also selling signed copies of his book. This is a literal literary life-saving, so don't miss out and grab a copy now!

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