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A Key to Understanding the Value of Empowerment in Creating Beauty from Ashes

Solitude beckons some people and threatens others. For many individuals, solitude is likened to being alone and to loneliness. The need to understand and enjoy your aloneness and solitude is essential to your well-being. Solitude is a state of mind that offers another way of being. It is peaceful and transports you into a different frame of mind, and allows you to imagine a new and unique world, a world separate from your everyday existence. You can meditate and practice the art of complete mindfulness. You can genuinely tune into your inner world.

Upon discovering the philosophy and life of Eleanor Lee Gustaw, I got to know her life purpose. Her goal is to touch the world and touch every heart and soul of people. Her writing aims to attain the heart's deepest yearning to reach the moon and see it smile, big, full, and beautiful, not only for others but also for God's glory. The author wants to impart to her readers the essence of her works: empowered to create beauty from ashes, where nothing less shall do.

She utilizes her imagination to write stories in her head and uses solitude as her inspiration since this is the entire mood of her childhood. She was a shy person back then, and writing became her safe place, which gave her much confidence. Also, whenever she writes, she gets to feel the unspeakable joy and peace in her soul.

She also enjoyed the outdoors as a child and loved planting flowers as she took long walks through the “islands of trees” at the far edge of the garden near the creek where she lived. This passion for nature has also inspired her to write stories, as she believes in being positive in a much cynical world. Her life mantra is: “I believe in miracles!” It has also enabled her to believe that hope stirs faith, and faith brings us closer to God. So, she allowed God to speak to her while writing her books.

You will have a much more in-depth idea of her and her purpose through her books entitled “The Stranger: A Story of Romance and Intrigue” and “The Stranger: A Rookie's Daughter.” In her mission of showing the people the importance of love, friendships, and God in our lives, she made these books with content about tragedy and pain. In here, she discussed her heart's passion, the treasures kept in a sacred place within the niche of her soul, like the beautiful perfume of a rose.

Meanwhile, her other book “Hope's Lantern: A Journey of Love” dwells on the life story of a young boy named Harry, who comes to learn life lessons at a very young age when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He finds that life still holds promises and lovely moments as he and his father journey through the loss of his mother. This focuses on the heartaches and joys in memories they had with the mother/wife. This book also highlights all the positive things and changes in their lives because of their unwavering faith despite the mother/wife's demise.

Through her written works, she hopes to understand the value of empowerment to create beauty from ashes, where nothing less shall do. Through her childhood solitude and heart's passion, she would like to perform this goal and reach all the people. And as we read her works, it is safe to say that we are headed in the right direction.

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