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A Leaf of Love

You may not possess any supernatural power, but one thing is for sure: you have the power to love. Choices, sacrifices, and chaos dwell within it. Stay strong, be stronger, and let love prevail!

Author, Clair Conway
Author, Clair Conway

Clair Conway is the author of The Anderiker Series, which includes the titles Surrender, Reclaim, Capture, and most recently, Forbidden. She’s known for being exceptional in creating many mind-blowing fictional stories wherein she sets the reader in a mystical scenery through a creative and imaginative method of writing. The way she wakes up everyone's imagination and creates a masterpiece from every small detail. It is as if it entraps the reader with otherworldly events that would leave one breathless and speechless.

Forbidden by Clair Conway

Forbidden conveys many realistic feelings. The warmth of love, the joy it brings, and the word "against all odds" add to its already appealing storyline. It doesn't matter who or what; our titles, honors, and privileges have no meaning in true love. Ironically, its leaf reflects life like a mirror. Forbidden let us appreciate every kind of love we have with no restrictions. The portrayal of being in love, the sacrifices and choices one can make, its story's core lesson lies within our imagination and mind. The reader is invited to escape everyday life and explore a magical world where gods and immortal beings interact with humans, where honor, virtue, and noble integrity are relied upon to vanquish the forces of evil.

"True love succeed, if it doesn't, then it's not true love." We make our own destiny, so keep fighting!

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