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A Life from a Different Perspective: Thoughts from A Mountain by Craig Lanyon

There are moments in our lives where we have been dunked to the bottom of the pit with nowhere to go. Our lives are full of chaos and distress, prolonging our suffering. This makes us look at life through a negative lens, where we conclude that life is a burden. Every once in a while, however, a book comes to remind us that life may not be at all that bad, that it may be worth living after all; a book that might change our perspectives and outlook about the circumstances of life, guiding us on the right path to a better life.

Released in 2019 by Balboa Press, Thoughts from A Mountain by Craig Lanyon is an amazing compilation of poignant poems about love life as seen through Lanyon’s eyes. Coming from the fifth generation of farmers, Craig had a different outlook on life. His simple life has shown him the beauty that the world could offer and the likeness of plants to people. This has led him to design the book with love, hope, and forgiveness, putting down the words of the feelings that cannot easily be shown to other people.

The collection brings full of surprises to the readers as Lanyon expresses his raw artistry with the simplicity of the words in mind. The depth of the words can easily be felt without the hassle of interpreting every word. His book offers the readers a chance to enjoy life from the author’s perspective as he talks about his life on the farm, his fondness for the things of the world, and his big love for everything. Unlike other authors, Lanyon focuses on the positivity of life and what it could offer the people who seek it. With that being said, his words do not heed any warning that could perpetuate fearmongering about life, but instead, he tells the readers to take risks, to take their feet somewhere where they could find peace and happiness. Different from the ones they currently enjoy.

Lanyon shows his readers that life can be spontaneous, poignant, and challenging at times, but there is beauty in all the hardships, and this is what we should seek. He can prompt your memory at every turn of the page and lead you to an adventure after every adventure. The collection may look the same as any other collection of poems, but the author’s unique take on life gives off a different aura. One that does not make you dwell too much on the suffering but tells you to look at the bigger picture that is a paradise-like version of your life.

The book is perfect for all adults who need a refresher, for teens who want an outside opinion about life, and for kids whose curiosity will take them to different worlds. Lanyon’s words are like unlimited warm hugs and feel like words from a brotherly or sisterly figure. It reminds the readers that life has so much more to offer than suffering and chaos.

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