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A Life Full of Adventures in Jelline Smith's My Brothers, Sisters and Me

Our childhood memories are perhaps the happiest ones, for they remind us that life isn't so bad at all. The adventures that we have as children are the ones that make us feel nostalgic for the times that we were only worried about how our mothers were going to get mad when we went home with minor injuries or caked with dirt from playing all afternoon. In Jelline Smith's compelling and heart-touching memoir, she talks of her childhood, the way it was when times were simpler and full of life.

Released in 2013, My Brother, Sisters and Me is Jelline Smith's ode to her life and her childhood. It follows her life as a child with her brothers and sisters until she grows to be the wonderful woman she came to be. She was inspired to write the book because she had been blessed with so much fun and love as a child. The environment she grew up in and hoped to share that experience with her readers. To show them that life isn't so bad when we look at it from a child's perspective.

Each page speaks of love and giving as she lets her readers see a whole different side of childhood. One that is full of acceptance and understanding about each other's uniqueness. The excerpts from her childhood is a peek into a life full of adventures, boat rides, long walks, and meaningful conversations among siblings, friends, and parents. While experiences may vary, Smith's unique take on her childhood paints a picture of a paradise, one that doesn't dwell in too much chaos and problems of adulthood. She tells her readers that the significant parts of our lives are meaningful and that these are moments we should not forget, for they make us the way we are.

Jelline Smith is now a semi-retired grandmother and great-grandmother who enjoys being in the workforce. She likes being the light of the room, and one of her joys is sharing laughter and different conversations with people because she believes that one of the best things in life is to be able to make someone smile. Her extravagance shines through her brook as her narrative is full of wonderful descriptions of a childhood that most children would dream of now.

My Brothers, Sisters and Me is a one of a kind book that tells the story of a little girl with big dreams and siblings that support every journey or path she takes. Readers will feel the same excitement at every turn of the page as Jelline takes the readers in her life journey, enjoying the very best that nature and God have to offer. Childhood stories like hers will remind you of your memories of your mother's cooking, the roughhousing, the little conversations, and the child in you.

This heartwarming book is a wonderful read, and parents can enjoy it while children can experience life back then. Jelline's wonderful childhood will remind you that no adventure is too little to take.

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