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A Life of Adventure: The Unspoiled Beauty of a Desert

Ever wondered how beautiful deserts are? I haven't been to one, but I guess this is something all of us must experience – a desert adventure.

Most of the world's central deserts are trade wind deserts, which means that dry winds dissipate cloud cover, allowing more sunlight to heat the land. But have you heard anything about deserts turning into seas or seas turning into deserts? Sounds interesting? It was made possible with author Fergal Joe's incredible imagination with his fascination with deserts' beauty. He wrote a book entitled 'The Golden Eagle and the Fiddle of Doom: 2 Protectors of Weapons.

The author got the book's idea when he was watching a program called Horizons. He heard them talking about a desert that turns into a sea now and again. So, he thought to himself, if a desert can turn into a sea, why not have a sea turn into a desert? Fergal Joe said, himself, "If a desert can turn into a sea then why not have a sea turn into a desert? Then I thought to myself, why would anyone want to go to a place like that? So I thought what if someone had burnt a rare bird like a golden eagle and was put into prison and the only way that they could get out was for someone else to find one to replace the one that was burnt."

He then started to write the story. The Lord of the Rings came out into his head and got him thinking cap on and thought of having a fiddle with the power to take an immortal's soul instead of having a ring with power.

Fergal Joe thought the best way to tell the story of the fiddle of Doom's history and decided to have it placed in a cave and for one of the Red Dragon crews to play it. That's how playful and creative his imagination is.

These terms may be unfamiliar to you, but you would fully grasp the story and its concept as you purchase or read this book.

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