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A Map for Success for Modern Youths

Brittany D. Phillips draws from her background as an educator and mentor to provide her readers with a map for success. "How Did You Get Here?" will guide and encourage readers to make the most out of themselves, showing them how to deal with the modern world and all its complexities.

Full of wisdom and practical advice on achieving success in life while staying true to oneself, rather than bending over to the whims of society or others, "How Did You Get Here?" will help readers find their own path. Phillips hopes to show today's youth the right direction, and to do this, she gives them the tools needed to make their own decisions and exercise proper judgment. This is due to what she has seen as socially-imposed ideas of success, namely that the only way to make it big is to be an athlete or a star. To give youths a broader perspective on the possibilities and opportunities they could seize, showing them that there are many ways to achieve success. Phillips enumerates the various ways people can do well in life, how they reached that point and what it takes to stay successful.

She also tackles the systemic or institutional barriers that face some communities, particularly the marginalized. In her words: "Being an African-American woman, my ancestors did not have it easy or normal to come from wealth and it be passed down through generations. Finance, savings, spending, credit, budgets, businesses and everything in that arena are things that our culture has worked hard to learn and build on so that we can start to have and pass on generational wealth of our own. It starts with knowledge, hard work, and the opportunity to take a chance you may have never had and learn something new in the process."

"I decided to write this book to answer that big question of exactly, 'How did you get here?' People always say follow your dreams and work hard but that is a very generic and broad description/explanation, and it doesn't help provide a starting point or idea of where to start when working to make your dreams come true." Phillips says. "I aim to inspire others of all ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds; no matter where you come from or the hand you were dealt. You can be successful too and we all have a story to tell that someone else can learn from."

About the Author

Brittany D. Phillips is a 30-year-old African-American single mother. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Prairie View A&M University, an HBCU. She has been a teacher in the education industry since 2017 and established a non-profit H.E.L.P. (Helping Each other & Loving our Peeps) in 2020.

She has a radio show on, and on Instagram, her pages are @rtwb.hvmr @helpnpo2021 @authorbritphill, and she also has a YouTube series titled Real Talk and Relationships with B. Phillips plans to write more books, including the second part of her first book, "Opinions of Young Mature Minds," which will feature other authors. She also plans more installments of "How Did You Get Here?" and a tour of different schools to show and educate youths on a better future. Currently, her non-profit is geared to change the world, starting with her hometown and community, offering programs for youths as well as their parents. They also provide community service.

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