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A Mother-Father Complex: The Complexities of Marriage and Parenthood

No relationship is perfect, and every relationship comes with manageable complexities, and for some, these complexities are strenuous. A Mother-Father Complex tells us about these complexities and how these issues in marriage and parenting have affected is emotional well being.


Many complexities may arise during a marriage — finances, division of labor, communication, differences in personality, family background, and many more. But marriage is a commitment to being with someone else for the rest of your life. A promised to stay and work it through, not just today but forever.

The doodle video made for Carl Anderson's book tells us about regrets in life that have affected his relationship with his wife. These regrets soon caused a roller coaster of emotions that soon led to other rash decisions that make it harder to correct the past mistakes.


Parenting has complexities too. Some find it hard to balance parenting and work; some find it hard to impart moral values, and many more. As parents, there are regrets that haunt them until their children are old enough to be independent. Why so?

Simply because parents are responsible for their children's future, helping children live with a vision and teaching them abilities and skills will help them succeed.

For Carl Anderson, his parents' relationship was not perfect; it significantly impacted his life. His rebellious years as a teen was a phase in his life where he had regrets.

The turning point in Carl Anderson's life is when he decided to change his perspective in life. The past regrets have consumed his present life, and dwelling on the past is making it worse. As mentioned in his doodle video, the past should not define what you are. You have the power to change, shift your perspective, and live a meaningful life.

When Carl Anderson decided to mend his relationships with his parents and his past relationships, it is also when he realized that change is what he needs to make the future better.

If you want to know more about the inspiring life of Carl Anderson, you can visit his website

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