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A Musical Journey: Gregory Leslie's Artistic Storytelling through Poetry

Poems can tell stories of love, life, loss, hatred, and everything else in between. However, it takes excellent artistry to establish a remarkable story through the lines of a poem, especially when its plot revolves around a musician or a performer. While music and poetry seem to be different, it is often said that the lyrics or the notes in music are like poems with harmony and melody. Gregory Leslie's poetry mixes the two elements to create such beautiful books that depict the wonderful journey of two different people.

A musician and songwriter, Gregory Leslie, has had his fair share of a spontaneous life in Sydney. He grew up in Braidwood's rural and artistic town, where he learned thoughtfulness and cheeky impressions. Having a fortunate childhood, he completed his education and finished a teaching degree at Sydney University, eventually choosing a career in music where he became a full-time performing lead singer in Newtown and forming bands in Glebe, also busking part-time in the city center. His passion for music has lead him to write his two books about being a performing musician and a Jester in the 20th century.

A Lyrical Potion is a poetry book made up of five chapters: 1) Jezi's Cafe, 2) A Flower's Sunrise, 3) The Neon Bell, 4) Worlds of Worlds, and 5) Leo Sun. The poems are written with a unique style of poetry written in Katoomba, which originates from an artistic village in the Blue Mountains in Australia. This is also Gregory Leslie's homage to the artists of various cultures he interacted with in cafes. The book is about the journey into the heart and mind of a performing musician. It goes in-depth into the heart and mind of the musician as he performs and encounters the everyday challenges of life. It contains moments of brilliance and enlightening acquisitions that are both entertaining and inspiring.

Released in 2010, The Jester's Appraisal is poetry written from the perspective of a Jester journeying through Glebe, Newtown, and Surry Hills in hopes of finding love and beauty. The poems in this book are also unique as they let the readers see and experience the life of an inner-city musician. Its aim is also to enlighten the world of joy and spread enthusiasm in making a dream come true.

While both books differ in their own ways, Gregory Leslie has shown poetic prowess by painting a different scenery and conflict in each poem in which we see how both the Jester and the musician struggle, all the while performing their hearts out. The success in each line is like a movie playing in a harmonious tune that will bring readers into the musician's life. On the other hand, The Jester's Appraisal emulates beautiful emotions as the Jester finds love and beauty as he embarks on his own journey. What Gregory Leslie reminds us with both books of music and poetry is to live life passionately and see the world as if you are at the center of the stage.

That is, perhaps, the greatest lesson a musician like Gregory can impart to his readers.

To find out more about Gregory Leslie and his amazing poetic works, visit him at:

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