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A Must-Read Book for every Guitar Enthusiast and Music Fans

Many aspiring young guitarists and musicians are dreaming of becoming famous and successful one day. Even though opportunities are everywhere in the music world, the competition is getting tight and tough. You need to add extra practice, time, and passion so your musical talent will get recognized. Take the hurdles to the road of your dreams as a challenge for you to strive harder. Then, you will reap your reward at the right time.

Likewise, Clive Headley's life as a guitarist started as a dream as well. Like any other musician, he faces several challenges and discouragements. Despite all of these, he could reach his success by having this perseverance and faith, knowing he will get there someday. His guitar skills have only gone excellent, making him an influential music creator and guitarist in his life. For the new

generation of guitar players and musicians, he wants to inspire and motivate them to turn their dreams of becoming their passion for music be know as a guitarist or even any other kind of musician in the world. Therefore, he published his book to become like The Guitarist Bible of every Guitarist, Musician, and even Music fans.

My Name is Clive: A Life Journey Through Music, written by Clive Headley, shares a personal narrative of Clive Headley himself about his life experiences as a premier guitarist from the 1970s to the present. It also brings a timeline perspective of London's different faces, such as in style, fashion, and trends. Everything is written from a real story—the reason why words on the book exude sincerity and relevant for our young aspiring musicians. The book encourages someone who is starting or anyone that thought of music as life-changing magic. It will make the reader realize that he can also be a success in the music industry. No one is alone in their journey of reaching their dreams.

Furthermore, Clive Headley used words in the book with simple and understandable to the readers. Through the sound waves of guitar, he made a remarkable legacy in this world. You'll have so much respect for his humility and pure dedication in pursuing music more than anything.

Message to Guitar Players: You must always practice, only practice got you this far. Listen to many guitarists as possible then to different instruments. Learn how to phrase. Listen to what you play. Never b arrogant as there is always more to learn than you known and most important. Never Give Up.

Clive Headley,

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