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A Perspective of Faith in the Time of Pandemic

Every person in the world today is much challenged with the crisis brought by the pandemic. People suffer at different levels. Unemployment included some of them. Of course, it is hard to search for another job in this situation. Some were directly infected by the virus, like the front medical liners, who are continuously working in hospitals, making them prone to sickness.

Moreover, the pandemic crisis challenged the governance of the politicians doubly. Political conflicts become rampant during this time because of the failing economy and urgent action to implement with the health sector to survive through its most challenging time. Bottom line: “Nothing is easy today.” Some would cry out of despair and sulk into depression. Should we allow ourselves to be defeated this time?

Cynthia Harry published “As the Spirit Leads -Jesus’ Power.” It is a spiritually uplifting and inspirational book through snippets of personal experiences of encountering God in her life. As you read, you will understand that having that deep relationship with God through Jesus Christ is essential for us, especially in trying times. The book also tackles the pressures and life trials the author has experienced, which she endured for a long time. As a Christian, it is her evidence of faith because having inner peace and endurance is not possible without Jesus.

As the Spirit Leads – Jesus’ Power is a recommended read for people who need spiritual guidance and courage in times of pandemic. It reminds us that despite all the troubles and trials here in the world we live in, there is hope in our faith in God. Through Jesus Christ, we will never be defeated.

As the bible says:

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”- Philippians 4:13.

Check the other books of Cynthia Harry: The Struggles to be Me, Let’s be Real, Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone and Figment of Imagination.

See her website by clicking this link,

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