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A Poem of Life: Thoughts From A Mountain by Craig Lanyon

Life can be a series of trials, happiness, and adventures that will surely test us in every way possible. Sometimes it would feel like waves after waves of circumstances that will certainly push us to our limits, and often it can make us feel serenity and peace. If it seems as though all hope is lost and one may need guidance to survive another day, Craig Lanyon's poems may be the one you need.

Published in 2019 by Balboa Press AU, Thoughts from a Mountain is a compilation of poetry and prose that narrates life from the author's perspective. The 50-page book is designed with artistry in mind and with themes of love, hope, and forgiveness embedded in words taken from pages of the book of life.

Craig Lanyon was born in Sandringham, Victoria, Australia, where his parents met. The family farm owned by five generations of his family resides in Mt. Cotton, Queensland, Australia. Growing up on a farm where his father has been met with different hardships of life, he is no stranger to the circumstances that life may possess. These experiences, in turn, have helped him to write heartfelt poems that deeply touch on the subject of human experience, where he illustrates a world that is not all sunshine and butterflies but can also be filled with sweat, tears, and dark days. Despite that, his poems speak of love and a new perspective about properly living our lives so that we may not be burdened with hopelessness.

The book is a holistic and uplifting approach that uniquely tackles the mysteriousness and surprises of life. With its simplicity, readers will easily understand the emotions and meanings embedded in each stanza and invite them to a journey of life from the perspective of one who has gone through difficult circumstances in life. It is a reflection of what life really is aside from the picture-perfect person we show to others. The words perpetuate a kind of raw emotion that is subtly felt but has a great impact on the ones that are reading it. Lanyon's ability to show the rollercoaster of life offers a fresh perspective about hardships and how it would feel hard at first, but its reward is much more surprising when the going gets tough.

Regardless of who we are right now and the situations we are in, this book reminds us that we are still alive and that these are only hardships that are normal, especially when we are readying ourselves for something bigger. Craig Lanyon's book invites us to look at the bigger picture of life, that despite the dark days it offers, it is worth it, in the end, to see how it ends and how we survive it.

After all, being alive means surviving, and Craig Lanyon's words may echo through our hearts and thump on our fears whenever we are faced with such a great adversary that we forget the hardships we have already conquered. Lastly, Thoughts from a Mountain is a compelling compilation of poems and proses that will truly leave a mark on your life.

To find out more about Craig and his works, readers may go to:

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