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A Poignant Collection: Thoughts from A Mountain by Craig Lanyon

Life can offer each of us different things. Some may be too dull or uninteresting, some may be too surprising or eventful, but whatever life gives you, there will always be a point of reflection where we can look past at the decisions we've made and the relationships we've established, especially moments where life has tested us to the point where we've been pushed to the bottom and humbled down. Author Craig Lanyon shows us that life is more than just the challenges, one that can be beautiful in its own ways.

Thoughts from A Mountain by Craig Lanyon was released in 2019. A year that proved life is truly a series of challenges. The 50-page book is a compilation of poetry, works that depict life from the author's perspective. Lanyon speaks with love in every line of the poems included in this book as he describes love, hope, and forgiveness, putting into words what most of us cannot express in our own ways.

Craig Lanyon's life is nothing full of spontaneous moments, but growing up in Sandringham, Victoria, in Australia in May of 1975, has made him see what life really has to offer. Coming from a fifth-generation member of a family who has been taking care of the land, he knows that our lives are like plants that will bloom when properly taken care of. His father was a city kid who was transformed by country life. This book is his own testament to that change and how his perspective about life changed.

From farm to paper, Craig Lanyon masterfully expresses himself through heartfelt words that will surely touch the hearts of those who have touched it. The author creatively illustrates a different world, away from the chaos that the world is showing. Through Lanyon's words, the world is a paradise at peace where life's challenges are positively looked at. With those kinds of lenses, it is a reminder that the world is not at all a bad place. There is still hope for tomorrow, and it offers a guide for those lost in life and is trying to find a balance between chaos and peace.

The poignant poems present a unique take on life. While other poets may write about love, life, and the darkness they feel, Lanyon manifests a certain kind of positivity. A rarity that is uniquely felt in this world full of lost hopes and dreams. Thoughts from A Mountain is a collection that readers should not miss if they are looking for poems that they can diverse themselves in without the worry of thinking too much about the deepness of the words. The simplicity that Lanyon's words bear can easily help readers understand the deep meaning of life through every stanza.

The book is short, but it is an all-in-one package that perpetuates warmth, love, and hope, truly a light in the trying times that we are currently in. Lanyon's inspirational words will take you beyond anticipation, and it will leave you a desire for more adventures.

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