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A Purposeful Guide To Continued Relationships With Deceased Loved Ones

Have you ever felt the presence of a passed loved one? Have you wondered about what message they may have for you, or the purpose of their contact?

Cathryn Taylor’s new book, I Think I Like You Better Dead, will open your view of the beyond, and guide you into understanding your relationships with those on the other side. The author’s story began with a message relayed to her through a Medium shortly after her brother’s death: “Keep me real. Our work isn’t over. Sometimes, I’m standing right beside you.” Over the next few years, Cathryn navigated through her grief, doubt, and fear, to do just that. In the process, she discovers how sincerely our departed loved-ones really are in seeking continued relationships with us; the journey Cathryn and her brother, John, travel, offers a commendable roadmap to do the same.

As Cathryn states, "Whether you are well into a spiritual journey or intrigued by a passed loved one's presence in your life, our book will take you through the twists and turns of discovery."

Readers will appreciate how her family's experiences set the stage for the reunion with her brother in death. It is a masterpiece that is the result of the author's inspiration from Esther Hicks's quote, "We don't continue relationships with our loved ones who have died because we don't expect to."

Yet, as you will see, if you foster the courage to expect just that, I Think I Like You Better Dead will illustrate the rewards. Their book is not just an account of their afterlife relationship, it also gives hope and purpose to those interested in developing an ongoing connection with their deceased loved ones.

Cathryn is a Licensed counselor, an Inner Child Expert, a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and a Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) Practitioner. She is also an accomplished author of a total of eight books, beginning with the1991 publication of her bestselling book, The Inner Child Workbook, which has been translated into five languages. This book was one of five books that popularized the inner child concept in the early 1990’s.

Aside from being a successful writer, she is also a renowned integrationist in the mental health community. For over thirty years she has offered a healing modality that guides individuals through their addictions and childhood traumas to a reconnection with their souls. And now, with her latest book, she extends this journey beyond the earthly dimensions, to show that relationships do not have to end with death. Her book offers guidance and inspiration—the actual roadmap—to do just that. It’s available on Amazon, the author’s website, and other online bookstores.

But that’s not all you will find on her website. Cathryn has developed multiple programs. The most recent is a 7-part series called "Partnering" with a Deceased Loved One, which outlines the steps needed to succeed.

Access Cathryn Taylor's written works, talks, and videos, or reach out to her through various modes:

Phone: US 612.712.7720

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