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A Reflection on Domestic Violence and Abuse through Turn-Taking Poetry

Have you ever heard of someone in an abusive relationship? Or, have you been involved in one?

Over the years of a married relationship, a couple must work hand in hand to keep the fire alive in their marriage. What I mean here is the flame of endless love with each other, not the fire to trigger a war. It takes perseverance, patience, and a sense of commitment. However, the happy ending story is not for every couple. And, couples make divorce as a choice, especially when domestic violence and abuse occur in the relationship. Both parties know that this is no longer healthy anymore.

The cause of breaking apart usually starts from threats, verbal assaults leading to physical violence. Emotional and psychological consequences pose a more obvious danger as well in abusive relationships. It can destroy self-worth, intense anxiety, and depression. No one deserves this kind of pain. Even the children of the couple can be affected, which makes it a lot worse.

In Mother- Father Complex book, written by Carl Anderson, such marital problems were portrayed through poetry. As you read line by line, it brings you to both the couple's perspective, trying to defend themselves from each other. You can feel the anger and frustration that tells you the issue within the relationship. It opens you to the current issue of domestic violence happening in every part of the world today.

According to some article updates on issues during the COVID 19 Pandemic, the reports on domestic violence and intimate partner violence increased more as attributed to the prolonged lockdown. The reasons are financial insecurity and the stress of isolation that leads to one's aggression at home. It has been called for a domestic violence ceasefire by the United Nations.

It is time to read of Mother-Father Complex by Carl Anderson as it reflects the current issue. This is a way of opening awareness to people and bringing to a solution to deal with this. This takes more effort and assistance for Mental Health and Social Workers during this time. Books do give hints on particular issues, hoping that one day, at some point, this will bring resolution and justice in our society.

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