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A Roadmap to Unlocking Your Inner Freedom

In "The Key: Reflections and Wisdom of a New England Carpenter," author Peter Cassels-Brown shares the realizations he has made over the course of his long and eventful life to help others in their own journeys. It differs from self-help books because it describes real events, perilous ones, that gave him practical wisdom that others can apply in their own lives. With this, he hopes to help others unlock the spiritual chains that bind them so that they can be free to live their best lives.

"The Key" contains half a dozen short stories depicting real events he experienced, ranging from spiritual adventures to life-threatening ones, all of which imparted crucial lessons that aided in his journey. Cassels-Brown compiles nearly half a century of reading, contemplation, discourses, reflections, and experience to provide his readers with a figurative alchemic formula to transmute the stress, tensions, and anxieties in their lives into happiness, health, and prosperity. This is done by self-discovery, for finding one's own true nature as a creator is to know the joy of an expanding universe in one's heart. One can create one's own happiness and, in doing so, help make the world a better place by contributing to its improvement. Here, Cassels-Brown transcends the conventions of standard self-help books and connects the journey of personal fulfillment and actualization with greater responsibilities to one's community.

This book contains essential wisdom, a lot of which was hard-won. With this, readers can get insights they need to move towards happier, healthier, and richer lives. They can gain both self-actualization and an awakening of their own inherent and latent abilities of imagination and creation, which will benefit both themselves as individuals as well as make a positive impact at a collective and societal level. At this stage, Cassels-Brown believes that enlightened individuals will make such an accumulated difference that the improvements in their lives will have a snowball effect and alter society in a radical and positive way.

"We need a critical mass of people to reach this place of creativity and positive responsibility if we are to live in a world where creativity is the name of the game, and we are working together on a global scale instead of against each other." Cassels-Brown says. This is a higher level of self-improvement when one's journey of enrichment reaches a point where it can also help others on a wider scale. "The Key" becomes a gift that can be shared with everyone else.

About the Author

Peter Cassels-Brown currently owns and heads Mountain Energy Design, a design/build company specializing in the construction of customized energy-efficient and net-zero homes and clean or renewable energy systems. It is located in Bristol, Vermont. Cassels-Brown is an avid skier, musician, motorcyclist, and writer who finds joy in finding new adventures and spending time with his partner Jennifer and their growing family.

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