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A Rollercoaster of Realities in a new Lyndon Haynes' Thriller: Rosa

At a time of great unrest, many of us face the dilemma of choosing between sides. To be killed or be freed is the question. But how does one woman conquer it all?

The author, Lyndon Haynes, does not hold back in giving the readers a page-turner of a book with his masterful style in writing. Originally from Tottenham in North London, he began his career as a child actor by starring in a children's drama at the age of fifteen. He then utilized his writing skills and was a successful rapper in a UK hip-hop band called The Sindecut. After almost twenty-five years in the music industry, he has followed his passion for writing by attending a creative writing course at Enfield college in North London. From then on, he has been continuously self-publishing amazing books such as This Functional Family and The Life and times of Stanley Spank, which have both receiving positive reviews since their publication.

Released in 2021, Rosa is Lyndon Haynes' compelling thriller that follows the story of a young woman who's struggling to find her own identity after the death of her parents. Having her life turned upside down, she has left Mexico under a crime protection program with her brothers Jesus and Dani. After being forced to move into a new city, she was met with several harsh realities as she must learn the language and culture of the place that she is in. Life has become dull and lonely as Rosa becomes a slave under her brothers, but when she meets a smart businessman called Daniel Rosewood, her life suddenly takes a turn for the better.

Now she is faced with the dilemma of choosing between love and loyalty to her brothers or to the man who offers everything she has been craving for. Her choices, making a significant impact on the world she lives in. This novel is a rollercoaster of emotions as readers become entangled with the life of Rosa and her brothers. What seems to be an easy solution for Rosa's problems will become more complex as the pages are turned. Readers will be intrigued by what's going to happen next with Rosa's decisions affecting the world around her. Additionally, it will make the readers question whether Daniel is actually someone that Rosa should trust, knowing that she is vulnerable to the strangers around her. This intriguing tale will not only pull you into the life of Rosa but will take the readers into the highs and lows of someone's complicated life.

Amid the chaos in the year 2021, intriguing tales and stories will take us on another adventure, helping us escape the current realities that we are facing. Lyndon Haynes' new book is a treat to those who want to be entangled in someone's life without guilt. Moreover, the novel can be relatable to those who feel lost and confused in the confines of their own homes, and Rosa's character might help them come to terms with their past and present, guiding them to look forward into the future.

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