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A Spellbinding Tale of Witchcraft and Time Travel Awaits

In this spellbinding sequel to "Eight Skulls of Teversham: Origin of the Witches," author Stephen Sutton invites readers to follow "The Adventures of the Time Witches," a family of witches whose lineages span the centuries. When two witches seek to solve unanswered questions regarding their magical origin and heritage, they must travel through time and space to ancient Scotland, then known as Alba, where they will encounter supernatural beings and dangers to uncover the truth.

Natasha and Crystal must uncover the secrets kept by mysterious cave dwellers of northern Scotland. While over the centuries, the knowledge they seek has been eroded by time or lost to antiquity, they have the ability to venture to that era and see the truth for themselves. Of course, time travel has its fair share of hazards, and these witches who are used to the modern world may have bitten off more than they can chew as they enter another age, a time when supernatural forces roamed free and wild. In their adventure, they encounter other witches, their progenitors, as well as bloodsucking vampires and even strange aliens, goblins and an android named Foster.

This temporal excursion takes them to the very origin of witches in Scotland, and here the fantastic blends with elements of science-fiction, for it turns out that their power comes from an extraterrestrial origin. This finding is complicated when the two find themselves in the middle of a conflict between two factions of witches, those aligned with the light who use their powers for good and the dark witches who seek to destroy or dominate others. Natasha and Crystal are confronted with a shocking revelation that might change the very nature of what it means to be a witch and how to best honor the legacy they have inherited. As they grapple with this truth, they must also use all of their abilities, powers, and wits to survive the unnatural forces coming for them.

With this tale, Sutton treats readers to a playful interpretation of fantasy tropes and archetypes as well as those from science-fiction. He also explores Scottish history and the dilemma of discovering one's heritage and deciding how to fulfill one's legacy. At the same time, acknowledging one's heritage is not exclusive to accepting others from different origins or backgrounds. So, with his story, Sutton shows readers how his characters deal with matters such as "moral ethics, trust in each other, finding peace and harmony in a hostile world."

About the Author

Stephen Robert Sutton is a qualified nurse who has embarked on writing books, and the first three were about his life and the challenge of living with dyslexia, his experiences of being a single father, and his world travels. He then used these experiences for inspiration, drawing from them to create tales of fantasy and horror as well as science fiction. He has enjoyed this process so much that he has written thirty books under various pen names. He also writes poems and draws artwork with pencils and sometimes through painting.

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