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A Spiritual Voyage through Spain: Walking a Rainbow by Michael Shearer

We can look on our lives in all sorts of ways. But ordinarily, our general perspective is fashioned by our habitual attitudes. We get used to the regular way we live, conditioned by the usual context we have: the constraints of our job & its commitments, our personal relations, the society all around us & its expectations. We fit the self that has got created. One reason for the simple pleasure in going on holiday is that it takes us out of our standard life. Travelling is one of the most effective means of gaining a different perspective on our own lives. We encounter difference, become aware of other possibilities. So, imagine a sort of travelling which is meant, which is intended, to challenge the travellers’ existing world view & offer extension & expansion to a new world. An adventure into a different self. Through Michael Shearer’s artistry, we’ll see precisely how that can come about. Laugh your way to a more liberated life.

Released in 2018, Walking A Rainbow by Michael Shearer is a wonderful, true account about life and its possible meaning. It follows the story of father and son Michael and Kes as they walk across Spain, making an unconventional spiritual voyage of discovery. Their difference in age makes it a kind of experience that will definitely shape the rest of their lives, changing their perspectives about life. They walk with hardship, blistered feet, some challenging experiences, and an odd glass of wine. Michael tries to reach philosophical conclusions about what is going on & what is for the best, while his young son keeps things down to earth & provides his own views. They encounter the ancient purpose of the Way & meet a fascinating cast of characters, both local people & fellow seekers.

Shearer's tale is full of funny, poignant and insightful moments that generate an intense emotional reaction. Truly a life-changing journey for the author and a memorable experience for the reader. The author wants to share the process of opening the mind & heart to enable a fuller mode of living. There is a practical reward for the author & the reader.

The inspiration for the book came from his profound and life-changing walk across Spain when he left his usual life and went off, throwing aside all the worries, the deadlines, appointments 一seeking meaning & purpose. As the gradual change took over his life, another self began to emerge; thus, the book is born.

According to Shearer, the book's premise is simple, it allows readers to see how opening to a wider self can reshape our perspectives and enrich our experience. He also elaborates, in the themes of the book, the results for a more harmonious life, such as allowing things to happen rather than rushing it, knowing thyself, explaining the role of synchronicity, coping with problems and misfortune and, in the search for truth, distinguishing a real intuition from a personal desire. This allows the book to be like an open guide, an escape from the distractions of the world as the author simply advises his readers to live life fully in partnership with Time.

He also shows the reader, by the events that happen, that a little humor can go a long way, and can definitely take us through a difficult life. Walking a Rainbow feels like a paradise, involving the development of a skill that enriches life as time matures. That is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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