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A Stirring Series of a Thriller

Are you searching for a thrilling adventure? Check out Ian Jones’s Desert Thriller series. This one is for you!

Look into the journey of an ordinary man who found the bearing of being extraordinary, as he dwells into the political world of organizations while humanity faces disputes and rampage.

The protagonist, John Smith, is a man involved in solving problems. A former agent in Special Forces who now takes private jobs independently. He was caught up in a single situation that led him to bigger and eventful ones.

Desert Thriller series has now in its 3rd book, made possible by the readers’ positive feedback and demand for the author to write more after the 1st published book Lost in Vegas” in 2017, plus the high acceptance of the 2nd book, North of The Rock in 2019.

After two years, the awaited 3rd book was finally published, entitled “Dying for LA" (March 2021). It follows the storyline where John Smith finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time, taking him to new strokes of events.

Will this third book be the last one? Or, will there be other book/s for this series? Find out as you read the book.

One thing that’s enticing about book series is that they always have something more to offer. Something to be anticipated by the readers as the story progresses. Desert Series is one of which that has well-developed and likable characters and an engrossing plot that attracts readers to continue reading.

The one who wrote these page-turner books is the thriller author Ian Jones. An avid reader and thriller lover who gets writing inspiration through reading, watching movies, and traveling.

He started writing black comedies in his twenties and created short stories but soon found the genre where his writing style best fit into–thriller, in which he now has a promising career.

With the release of the first book of his series, he already received a warm welcome and excellent reviews from avid readers. That inspired him more, aside from his innate love of writing, to become a prolific writer. He also had three radio interviews with Ric Bratton, Kate Delaney, and Susan Sherayko, where he shared his journey as an author and the things he would work on in his succeeding works.

He received comments that his books would make great films–which he took as a fantastic thing to read. That moved him to the goal: “I would love to be able to set up movie nights for families, where people can just show up and watch a movie for free, I think it would encourage people to socialize more while making it more accessible.

He once shared, “My dream is to become a full-time author, but I am a realist, so I will keep writing as and when I can, hopefully, I will be able to publish more." And now, he's taking steps towards his dream. He lives with the principles—"Never give up. Be brave, be kind and keep smiling.”

Ian Jones’s Desert series is available at

Grab a copy of his books and visit him at

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