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A Storyteller, a Poet: Terry J Powell and his works

Poetry is an understated work of art, an expression of love and passion and realities in one. There is so much to write about life, love, children, fantasies, and even the dark realities of our daily lives. But who among us is talented enough to write it all down? As an emerging author, get to know Terry J Powell, who writes and tells a story through his poems and novels. A man who didn't expect to become a writer much more a poet but was brought to the road of poetry and publications by destiny, skills, talent, and choice.

He started from small steps, submitting poems, joining contests, and winning them; until given recognition and the opportunity to take things to another level. "It is a challenging journey, but a worthwhile one," he shared. Terry J Powell has written hundreds of poems for a broad set of audiences and nations across the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

As he loves traveling, he also could put and distribute his books in different parts of the world. But more than a writer, he also hosts poetry workshops, anytime and anywhere — a cruise ship where he held two lectures was never an exemption.

Started from scratch, now he has written over 600 poems and upcoming books in the making. He is up to bringing his writing career into a notch higher. Creating and writing poems alongside novels and books is what keeps him occupied at the moment. Although faced with challenges and difficulties as a self-publishing author, Terry continuous to strive and emerge as one of the promising authors of the times. He used to write poems for children's books, but recognizing that adults can also be children — we can expect an upcoming book entitled Hogarths Epic Poem that would surely fit for children and adults who are children's at heart.

Don't miss out on his writings, and let yourself be taken into the world of poems – of life and its complexities. Some of his published books are A Book of Dark Poems, Poems for Children, The Come and Read Me Book of Poems, Another Come and Read Me Book of Poem.

Show your love and support as a promising author strives to share his art and thought for the world to read and experience. You may visit his social media accounts to get up close and personal. Published books may also be bought online through Amazon.

Terry J Powell’s Social Media Accounts

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